2017 Biomedical Science Corps Appreciation Week


The 325th Medical Group recently celebrated 52 years of the Biomedical Sciences Corps during BCS Appreciation Week Jan. 23-27.


In honor of 52 years of the BSC, the Checkertail medics arranged a week of events to include an event kick off, an all-call hosted by the BSC chief, a lunch and learn gathering, a visit to the Department of Homeland Security facilities at Silver Flag and closed out the week with a friendly bowling game.


The 325th Medical Group Biomedical Sciences Corps enjoyed an Appreciation Week filled with leadership, mentorship and camaraderie activities.


The beginnings of the BSC date back to 1917, when the Army Sanitary Corps was established to combat infectious diseases during World War I. In 1965, following decades of proven service, expansion, reorganization and birth of the Air Force Medical Service, the BSC of today was established. With 52 years of growth, the BSC’s now encompass 17 distinct career fields.


They can be found at 81 stations around the world, where 2,400 BSC officers are supported by 5,800 enlisted Airmen. As the most diverse corps in the Air Force Medical Service, BSCs have garnered a breadth of expertise over a wide variety of medically trained professionals, united in the mission to enhance Air Force combat capability and effectiveness. They provide world-class customer service and scientific expertise, resulting in peak force performance, productivity and quality healthcare.


These professionals have dedicated their careers to optimizing human performance in aerospace and operational physiology, protecting Airmen and their families from environmental and occupation hazards in bioenvironmental engineering, preventing and controlling the spread of disease in public health, and safeguarding the physical and mental wellbeing of our patients in clinical psychology, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy, physician assistants and mental health.