Raptor Refuel: smoothie, coffee bar now open


To further one of the key lines of effort on Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, the 325th Force Support Squadron has stood up and opened the Raptor Refuel smoothie and coffee bar.

“The idea has been around for a while about opening up a smoothie bar in the base gym,” said Brian Antoine, 325th FSS Tyndall Clubs manager. “After looking at that option we concluded that it would not service the large the customer base here at Tyndall. We determined that the Horizon Club would best fit the needs of the community.”

During a remodeling process at the Horizons Community Center, the 325th FSS saw a prime opportunity to make some changes.

“After Information, Tickets and Travel moved out for new flooring in Horizons we saw that it would be the perfect place for a smoothie/coffee bar,” Antoine said. “Since Raptor Refuel is located so close to the gym, it allows those who are into fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle the opportunity to refuel their bodies with a healthy drink or meal replacement option that their body deserves.”


Members of the Horizons Club touted the smooth transition for the Raptor Refuel, which opened far ahead of schedule.


“We opened the Smoothie Bar in 60 days compared to the normal business plan that would have been 12 or more months,” Antoine said.


“It took a lot of coordination with the 325th Civil Engineer Squadron to make sure the equipment: smoothie blenders, coffee machines, refrigeration, had the necessary electrical support, as well as creating the drainage for the sink,” Antoine added. “We found out that the drainage would be a big challenge and would hold the project up for months. After looking into other avenues, I found a sink manufacturer that built a completely self-containing unit that would allow us to continue our plan to both stay on budget and stay in our 60-day time frame.”


Now open for business, the Raptor Refuel smoothie and coffee bar is looking forward to serving those that frequent Tyndall.


“Airman and their families can now enjoy one of the fastest growing markets, smoothies and coffee, right here in their club,” Antoine said. “They no longer have to venture off base to find such a treat. We are open at 6 a.m. until 2 p.m. daily to make sure we catch those on their way to work in the morning.”


“Our mission is to provide the best possible customer service with great smoothies and awesome coffee to refuel one’s day!” Antoine closed with enthusiasm.