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Default Air Force Logo Airmen volunteer to save lives
Airmen Against Drunk Driving is more than a volunteer bullet. This is a completely non-profit, ANONYMOUS program maintained by the Airmen for the Airmen and is organized at the lowest levels. Our main objective is to deter Airmen from driving drunk. Even if you're just "buzzed," you are intoxicated and should not operate a vehicle. When designated
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Default Air Force Logo Tyndall celebrates Air Dominance milestone
Editor's Note: April 15, 2013 marks a very important date in Air Dominance history. Through the years, Tyndall has become known as the "Home of Air Dominance," due to the wide variety of missions here and what they bring to the fight. On this anniversary, two Tyndall units stepped forward to commemorate this milestone. Here are their
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Default Air Force Logo Month of the Military Child: Helping little warriors
April is the Month of the Military Child.Like their parent(s), these children make many sacrifices of their own for their country.They are the children who normally move between six and nine times around the world before completing high school--three times more frequently than their civilian classmates. Sometimes they will even move during their
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Senior Airman Benjamin Crespo, 325th MDG medical technician, Capt. Lisa Deep, 325th MDG nurse and Dr. (Capt.) Preston Wilson, 325th MDG. (Courtesy Photo) Checkertail medics launch S.I.C.K. program
From the beginning of our Air Force in 1947, the creative innovation of our Airmen has been the key to Air Dominance and our lifeblood of mission success. In the constrained fiscal environment we find ourselves in today, the innovative spirit of our Airmen is vital to maximizing the effects of airpower in defense of our nation. From a medical group
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Tyndall Air Force is proud to support Child Abuse Prevention Month.(Courtesy photo) April is Child Abuse Prevention Month
The importance of Child Abuse Prevention Month is to bring a nationwide focus to the ever-growing hidden problem of child abuse and neglect and to provide education and awareness to parents, caregivers, children and the community on how to prevent it before it even starts. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, every year
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Default Air Force Logo Test your smoke alarm
A National Fire Protection Association report showed that 96 percent of homes had at least one smoke alarm installed; however, 25 percent of those devices did not function. Stunningly, homes with non working smoke alarms greatly outnumber those homes without smoke alarms. The NFPA also reports that nearly half of the deaths from home fires occur in
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Default Air Force Logo My last cold swim
On a beautiful Sunday not too long ago in Panama City, Fla., a good day turned into a bad day really quickly. The temperature was just right. The winds were calm and the tide was super low. Perfect to go walk around finding shells; this is one of my wife's favorite hobbies. It was around 10:30 a.m., and we decided to hit the beach. Florida is great
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Default Air Force Logo Integrity is mission essential
Every day at work I'm reminded of the high caliber people that we have in the Air Force. Throughout my years in service, there has been an increased expectation of technical proficiency and level of responsibility of our junior force as we downsize and promote the ranks quicker. Supervisors are encouraged to train Airmen faster and get them ready
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Colonel Graff Reveille, Retreat, Taps offer chance to reflect
To remember those who have gone before us and to inspire esprit de corps, Reveille, Retreat and Taps will now be heard on Tyndall Air Force Base starting Friday, March 22. The music echoing across the base serves as a reminder of the price of freedom. Taking a moment to render the proper customs and courtesies, allows us to pay respect to our
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Corey Coleman, 325th Fighter Wing Community Support Coordinator, poses for a photo March 5. Community Support Coordinator is a recently initiated full-time, installation-level position, which oversees and integrates installation resilience programs. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Christopher Reel) Community Support Coordinator initiated at Tyndall
Tyndall is initiating the position Community Support Coordinator, which was created to serve as the focal point for installation resilience programs. Following the investigation of the Fort Hood incident, the Air Force funded a full-time, installation-level position to oversee and integrate community, family, individual support, and resiliency
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