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325th Aerospace Medicine Squadron




The 325th Aerospace Medicine Squadron is one of three squadrons assigned to the 325th Medical Group, 325th Fighter Wing, Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida. The mission of the squadron is to support the 325th Fighter Wing mission to "Train and Project Unrivaled Combat Power." We do this by providing medical, dental, and preventive care enabling all wing and associate units to maximize readiness and combat capability. In addition, we directly provide or arrange for primary and specialty care for over 23,000 beneficiaries and deliver high quality healthcare and training with a focus on disease prevention and customer satisfaction. 

The squadron consists of seven flights. Dental, Flight Medicine, and Optometry flights provide clinical care for all active duty and beneficiaries on Tyndall AFB. Public Health and Bioenvironmental Engineering flights provide communicable disease prevention, force health, and environment protection, and industrial hygiene for the base population. Health Promotions flight includes the state-of-the-art Health and Wellness Center (HAWC) and provides nutritional, health promotion and fitness advice to all beneficiaries. Finally, the Physiologic Training flight includes the altitude chamber and provides physiologic and performance enhancement training to active duty personnel from around the USAF. 


The 325th AMDS was activated on Feb. 25, 2000. The 325th AMDS emblem is symbolic of the squadron's multifaceted support functions. Blue and yellow are the Air Force colors. Blue alludes to the sky, the primary theater of Air Force operations. Yellow refers to the sun and the excellence required of Air Force personnel. The circular emblem encloses a bird of prey, the air dominance fighter. The bird of prey rests on the Staff of Aesclapius, a serpent wrapped around a staff, which is the symbol of medicine. The bird is feeding on the serpent to symbolize the support and sustainment provided by 325th AMDS to the 325th FW mission. 

Lieutenant Col. Michael Frayser