Tyndall, School District Address Lead Concerns at School

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  • 325th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. –  In coordination with Tyndall Elementary School and the Bay District School Superintendent’s office, a joint press conference was held at Tyndall Elementary School, 4 P.M. today addressing possible exposure to un-remediated soil at the school.

Tyndall Elementary School was constructed on the site of a WWII aerial gunnery school training range. The training at this range involved using turret-mounted machine guns reconfigured to fire 12-gauge shotgun shells at clay targets thrown from fixed towers.  Both the lead shot and the remnants of clay pigeon targets are now considered to be potentially hazardous. The Air Force completed a $5.5 million remediation of soil at the school in 2009.

Tyndall's Civil Engineering Squadron has discovered a portion of the perimeter fence at Tyndall Elementary school was inadvertently moved from its pre-hurricane position following the destruction of the fence by Hurricane Michael. The movement of the fence placed un-remediated soil within the fence line.

Media interested in attending the press conference should contact Mr. Don Arias, 325th Fighter Wing Public Affairs, at (850) 283-4500, for coordination.

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