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  • New Year, same me

    TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. - Among the decorations and surrounded by family and friends some have moments of reflection as the clock ticks closer to midnight, Dec. 31."New Year, new you," is a phrase you see for a couple of months starting Jan. 1, but it then simply seems to vanish as if by some form of negligent magic. I have been guilty of such
  • Remembering the September 11 Attacks

    We all remember where we were when we heard the terrible news.  I was on active duty orders at Tyndall participating in a North American Aerospace Defense Command exercise. Most people assumed the plane that crashed into the World Trade Center was an accident.  I wasn't sure -my thoughts were with my brother on the 84th floor of the South Tower.I
  • Always smiling

    I sometimes have to struggle to bring it out, but I do whatever I can to start the day on a positive note. Don't get me wrong. I'm still human. Just like every other person in the world, I have days where I wake up feeling so-so. I even have days that I wake up feeling less than "so-so." But early in life I learned things could always be worse.
  • Another Phantom Finale

    Vinnie "Snake" Farrell flew his final F-4 Phantom sortie May 20, and will soon become one of only 10 QF-16 pilots in the United States Air Force.After graduating from the USAF Academy in 1983, Farrell completed pilot training and became a first assignment instructor pilot. After three years of teaching, he was selected to be an F-4 fighter
  • SAMBO combo

    Ever since I was a child, I have been interested in physical activity, gaining strength, skills and everything in between. As I have grown into a man, nothing has changed.I've played football, tennis and attempted to play basketball. One sport I have always enjoyed doing is martial arts. Disclaimer: I am not a Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan, but it is
  • My life as a junior Airman

    When it comes to transitioning from one base to another, most people will say "I've always wanted to go there," or "I heard that base is terrible," only to realize that it's never what they expect.I started my Air Force career, as all enlisted, reserve and guard Airmen do, at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas and continued onto Fort Meade, Md. for my
  • Mental Health Awareness Month

    May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a time for people to learn more about mental health conditions and seek help for them.According to the National Institute of Mental Health, mental health concerns affect one in 10 Americans today, but fewer than 25 percent of people with a diagnosable mental disorder seek treatment.  The goal of Mental Health
  • Everyone has a story to tell

    We tend to believe that just because we haven't won a Nobel Prize, or survived a horrific event, that our stories are not worth telling.  This notion is false; your story is worth telling.We often get caught up on other peoples' stories, whether it is that of a famous actress or a war hero.  Their stories draw us in and provide us insight into
  • Tax Time: free is not always free

    Many companies offer military members free tax preparation and/or filing. Your well-being isn't always their first priority.You will normally find these companies within five miles of any military installation targeting service members. They will offer to prepare and possibly file your taxes. Without telling you the true intent, they'll also have
  • Active Duty? Your Roth TSP Contributions May Stop Unless You Act

    If you are an active duty military member making dollar-amount Roth contributions to your Thrift Savings Plan account, these deductions will stop on Jan. 31, unless you act quickly.How your election requirements will change:An upcoming change in myPay will require you to designate your Roth contributions as a percentage of your pay, not a dollar