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  • Stay safe during the Critical Days of Summer

    As summer quickly approaches, it is important to recognize that this is the time of year Air Force members often become complacent and forget to put safety first. The Air Force has designated May 25 to September 4, as the Critical Days of Summer 2012 safety campaign. The Air Force's vision is zero preventable mishaps and an injury-free summer.
  • Time: Our Scarcest Resource

    When we hear the term "resources," the first thoughts that generally come to mind are money and manpower. It's difficult to find an organization at Tyndall, or anywhere else in our Air Force, that has enough of either. Whether you pick up a newspaper, turn on your television, or surf the internet, you'll have no trouble finding headlines concerning
  • Purpose of Rapid Improvement Event at Tyndall

    The 325th Medical Group recently engaged in a Lean for Healthcare training course and Rapid Improvement Event. The Lean concept focuses on the elimination of work flow barriers, redundancies, and waste. This, in turn, promotes highly effective and efficient medical processes and systems, while meeting the patient's needs. The event was facilitated
  • Do not miss the opportunity…

    February is a great opportunity to educate yourself on your child's oral health. It is the American Dental Association's tenth anniversary for sponsoring National Children's Dental Health Month. In February, the ADA raises awareness of oral health across the country by reaching out to our communities and schools. Their 2012 campaign slogan is "Rock
  • Tyndall's AFNet migration begins February 2012

    The Air Force Network team will begin migrating Tyndall's computer and network users into the Air Force network in mid-February 2012. As the Air Force continues transforming its cyber operations, the AFNet transformation is a dynamic, schedule driven project that will collapse existing "stand-alone" unclassified network, e-mail and directory
  • Active directory and exchange migrations on the way to Tyndall AFB

    Tyndall Air Force Base will soon become the fourth Air Education and Training Command base to migrate its computer users into a "central" Air Force Network. Over a one-month period beginning January 17, 2012, an Active Directory Exchange project team will begin migrating Tyndall AFB workstations, network users, and email into the AFNet. The goal of
  • The Greatest Generation

    This December finds us on the doorstep of the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor and our entry into World War II (and incidentally, the 70th anniversary for Tyndall Air Force Base). These significant milestones are an opportunity for reflection on The Greatest Generation.If you will indulge me, I would like to share my favorite story from the
  • Happy Holidays

    Team Tyndall,As we approach the 2011 Holiday season, Kim and I want to personally wish all of you happy holidays! It is a time to count our many blessings ... our families, friends and loved ones ... our freedom and our way of life in the United States of America.This past year has been one of great accomplishment for Team Tyndall. We exceeded
  • Be prepared to set expectations

    I spent last year in Air Command and Staff College at Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala. Toward the end of school, we were given an assignment to draft a command philosophy. A command philosophy simply outlines in writing a commander's expectations, beliefs, and general approach. To the Army member of our flight, it was a very comfortable assignment. He
  • Take time to give thanks

    What began as an autumn harvest feast between European settlers and Native Americans nearly 400 years ago has become an American tradition and a day of giving thanks. President Abraham Lincoln established our annual Thanksgiving Day to help mend a fractured nation in the midst of Civil War. From the earliest days of independence, and in times of