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  • Energy Action Month

    Although the Air Force's energy needs are currently met, the global demand for finite energy resources continues to increase.The Air Force Energy Vision is to sustain an assured energy advantage in air, space, and cyberspace. By making the best use of energy and water resources, the Air Force achieves an edge to help ensure operational
  • Senior NCO Induction Ceremony: Leadership through Service

    It's interesting that a military branch, such as the Air Force, is called a service.  It cannot be coincidental then that military members are called to service or to serve.  Our profession is full of service.  From the day we enter basic training, we begin to place service before self, and we continue to become more and more committed to this
  • Faith, love, trust and dedication

    I live by four words when it comes to the way I do work:  faith, love, trust and dedication. You have to stay true to your faith.  You need to have faith in your god, country and family.  The big guy upstairs has blessed me with abilities and I share them with everyone I meet. You have to have faith in yourself, because you are an asset to the
  • Meet Hollywood actor, aerial gunner

    December 7, 1941-- a date which will live in infamy, is also the date the first 2,000 troops arrived at what was then Tyndall Field. Thousands of Airmen have passed through Tyndall's gates since that time to learn the art of aerial warfare. One of Tyndall's most famous trainees was Hollywood actor, Clark Gable, best known for his portrayal of Rhett
  • A little interest

    Do you have credit card debt that is too high? Are you about to permanent change stations and have a car or apartment lease you need to get out of? The Service Members Civil Relief Act may be able to help relieve the burden of these and other legal issues. Generally, the protections of the SCRA begin on the date of entering active duty and
  • On her mother's wings

    I always feel an exotic sort of pride when I claim Hawaii as the place I was born. I can also rattle off a long list of the different places, people and events I've seen since I was a little girl. I can tell the story of how my family and I became a part of the largest peacetime evacuation of military personnel and their families in history. We
  • Social security

    Social Networking is a popular way to communicate with others, voice opinions and document our day-to-day activities. Even though we are given guidelines on "what not to do" in an online environment, it is easy to overlook the reasons why they are given to us. The display of personal information such as announcing a deployed location can be
  • Legal takes on avoiding moving missteps

    After nearly three years at Tyndall, I have been given orders and will be partaking in a permanent change of station to the Pentagon this summer.I will miss the beaches and the roar of the F-22 Raptors. It will be hard to adjust to colder weather and Beltway traffic, but I look forward to this new opportunity.As I begin to plan my move, I realize I
  • The last bite

    Shake, take, salute and pose for a photo--Tyndall's 2014 March Enlisted Promotion Ceremony was carrying on as usual. I raised my camera, waited for the grip and grin moment and then took the photo of family members tacking on the member's stripes. As I raised my camera, getting ready for the next enlistee, the narrator introduced the new staff
  • FIAR requires accountable BAH

    In an October 2011 memorandum, the Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta called for the department to achieve audit readiness of the Statement of Budgetary Resources by the end of 2014. Recently, Air Force Secretary Deborah James set three priorities for her tenure. One of those priorities is for the Air Force to "deliver a clean audit," something