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  • My last cold swim

    On a beautiful Sunday not too long ago in Panama City, Fla., a good day turned into a bad day really quickly. The temperature was just right. The winds were calm and the tide was super low. Perfect to go walk around finding shells; this is one of my wife's favorite hobbies. It was around 10:30 a.m., and we decided to hit the beach. Florida is great
  • Integrity is mission essential

    Every day at work I'm reminded of the high caliber people that we have in the Air Force. Throughout my years in service, there has been an increased expectation of technical proficiency and level of responsibility of our junior force as we downsize and promote the ranks quicker. Supervisors are encouraged to train Airmen faster and get them ready
  • Reveille, Retreat, Taps offer chance to reflect

    To remember those who have gone before us and to inspire esprit de corps, Reveille, Retreat and Taps will now be heard on Tyndall Air Force Base starting Friday, March 22. The music echoing across the base serves as a reminder of the price of freedom. Taking a moment to render the proper customs and courtesies, allows us to pay respect to our
  • Community Support Coordinator initiated at Tyndall

    Tyndall is initiating the position Community Support Coordinator, which was created to serve as the focal point for installation resilience programs. Following the investigation of the Fort Hood incident, the Air Force funded a full-time, installation-level position to oversee and integrate community, family, individual support, and resiliency
  • Privileged to serve

    Do you ever hear people use the words "in the service" to describe a person that joined the military? Growing up in rural Pennsylvania, the older locals quite often used that expression when talking about someone that recently joined the military. It did not matter what branch of the military they entered, it was simply noted that they joined the
  • Don't bring it weak! Take your fitness to a whole new level

    Odds are you've heard of, or been exposed to the term 'CrossFit'. And, you may have an opinion about this type of workout program. Sadly, too many of the negative opinions are not based on reality. I hope that I can remedy this and offer an option to you or your family members.At building 912 (near the bowling alley) you will find the home of
  • Setting up for Success - Be S.M.A.R.T.

    Medical professionals have shown an association between lifestyle habits and chronic disease development. The leading causes of death in the United States, heart disease and all types of cancer, are commonly associated with three habits: tobacco use, diets that include too many calories and too few nutrients, and too little exercise. The most
  • Heart, health, diet

    February is Heart Health Month, so take some time to make your heart healthier this month. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America. About 81 million people in the United States have some form of heart or cardiovascular disease--that's about 35 percent of the population. Many of these deaths and risk factors are preventable. Food
  • 53rd Weapons Evaluation Group: A proud member of Team Tyndall

    The 53rd Weapons Evaluation Group is gearing up for execution of Air Combat Command's 2013 Weapon System Evaluation Program and continued aerial target support for all of the Defense Department. The Air-to-Air Missile evaluation portion of WSEP, known as COMBAT ARCHER, will kick off the last week of January with over 30 additional U.S. Air Force
  • America's Airmen...on the watch

    With 2013 just beginning, I couldn't help but reflect on the tremendous effort the CONR-1AF team put forth over the last year. While I pondered, I realized that many of you at Tyndall may not know anything about this tremendous organization. I'll do my best to fill you in.As commander of the Continental Region U.S. North American Aerospace Defense