New Year, same me

TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. -- TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. - Among the decorations and surrounded by family and friends some have moments of reflection as the clock ticks closer to midnight, Dec. 31.

"New Year, new you," is a phrase you see for a couple of months starting Jan. 1, but it then simply seems to vanish as if by some form of negligent magic. I have been guilty of such things before, but this year I made no resolutions.
Some may say, "You can't do that! It's New Years!" So I think my resolution to make no resolution bears explanation.

Currently, I have everything I could possibly want: good family, good friends, my health, a career and the ability to further my education.

All of these things take time to work at and maintain. It's all ongoing stuff I already knew I have to do and make better. So why would I need a day out of the year to tell me to keep doing what I am doing?

I don't.

I am a recently married man, living with my new wife. With my limited experience, I at least know I will never get it right all the time. I could make a note to myself to get my lovely wife a bouquet of roses every two weeks, but in my opinion that takes the spice out of life. I'm already regimented enough, why have my being sweet and kind go to the beat of a drummer? The only thing I can do is just try to be the best companion and spouse can be every day.

Although not the epitome of a healthy lifestyle, I am in decent shape and can maintain the standards put before me. I do this by trying to eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly, but I knew all this before the big ball of started to drop at 11:59 p.m. So why make a promise to myself to go to the gym every day that I know I probably won't keep longer than a month?

I have had many jobs, but this is my first attempt at a career. I like this whole idea a decent wage and upward mobility within my field. Why do I need to wear a silly hat and stay up late to toast myself for planning to do  my job to the best of my abilities every day I wake up next year? It's silly to think that way. I have been given a great opportunity and I would be a fool to squander it.

Furthermore, with my career, one of the benefits is tuition assistance. Hold up, hold up - I go to work and my school gets paid for? Well I want to go to school, and it is expensive. So getting a "free" education sounds like free money. That's quite a bargain. Sign me up! Oh wait, I already am.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and their resolutions. If you've made some and plan to keep them, I commend you. But that's not for me. I resolve not to resolve and you should too.

Just have a happy New Year and keep being the great person you already know you are.