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  • Canada: Unsung Heroes of 9/11

    On September 11, 2001, the United States shut down its airspace in reaction to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Because U.S. airspace was shutdown, hundreds of international flights crossing both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans now had no place to land.  Many of the planes were too far along and didn't have enough
  • A dual calling: joining the Chaplain Corps

    Air Force Chaplains provide spiritual care, facilitate religious activities and deliver 100 percent confidential counsel for the personnel in their care. It's been said, takes a special person to be a chaplain. But where do they come from?The Chaplain Candidate Program provides chaplains to the Chaplain Corps. A candidate spends three to six years
  • Under Enemy Fire

    Within the words of the Airman's Creed are words that every Airman should live by. "I will never leave an Airman behind." That phrase invokes a sense of brotherhood amongst security forces members--and recently, they trained the way they fight.Two teams of five faced off against each other. Deep in the woods shots were fired. Simulated ammunition
  • Creating Order Out of Chaos

    In today's warfighting environment, all of the pieces of the battlefield must come together like a puzzle in order to accomplish the mission. The people who help put that puzzle together are air battle managers.Training undergraduate ABMs is a mission the 337th Air Control Squadron does not take lightly. With a grueling nine-month course of study,
  • Drink Responsibly with 0-0-1-3

    As the summer season continues, service members may choose to engage in activities involving drinking. With this, there are bound to be incidents involving the use of alcohol. To alleviate alcohol related incidents, Air Force leadership reminds Airmen to become more familiar with the 0-0-1-3 concept.According to www.vance.af.mil, each numeral in
  • Earning his wings again

    Not many serve in the military for more than 30 years during three wars or piloted 55 different aircraft, but U.S. Air Force Col. (Ret.) Robert "Don" Gregor did just that during his time in the Air Force.He was also the Tyndall base commander and the vice commander of the Weapons Center at one point in his careerGregor passed away Feb. 26 and a
  • E-9A Widget, one of a kind

    The mission of the Air Force is like a highly complex machine. Each piece of the machine is vital to it operating successfully. The E-9A Widget is a very small, yet highly important piece to that machine."It is the U.S. Air Force's only dedicated sea-surveillance, telemetry relay and UHF radio relay platform," said Maj. Anthony Carson, 82nd Aerial
  • Combat arms training

    The Air Force is a profession of Arms. No matter the day-to-day job, Airmen are required to maintain a skillset to defend our county at a moment's notice.Combat Arms Training and Maintenance is vital to the mission of the Department of Defense in providing the military forces needed to deter war and to protect the security of our country.The 325th
  • Auto shop service

    This base has a variety of different shops that can help Airmen accomplish different tasks, whether it is getting items at low-cost, free house-hold items or even some do-it-your-yourself mechanics at the Auto Hobby Shop.The mission of the Auto Hobby Shop is to provide customers high quality, convenient and comprehensive auto repair at low
  • Airmen ensure F-22 provides lethal, decisive airpower

     Airmen with the Expeditionary Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Raptor Aircraft Maintenance Unit prove every day just how 'Bad to the Bone' they are by the teamwork that goes into ensuring the F-22 Raptor is mission ready.The F-22 Raptor, which became operational in 2005, is the Air Force's newest fighter aircraft and cannot be matched by any known or