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  • Keeping Airmen and families mission ready

    Ensuring service members and their families are provided for is no small task. But members of the 325th Force Support Squadron seem to do it all overseeing everything from dining facilities to mortuary affairs. They work tirelessly meeting the needs of the Air Force's most valued asset - its people.Centralized at the Military Personnel Section
  • If you build it they will come: 823rd RHS squadron of the week

    When Airmen are deployed to a austere location, the infrastructure needed to support them is paramount. The professionals at Tyndall who train those who make life livable for Airmen in deployed locations  are those of Detachment 1, 823rd RED HORSE Squadron. This detachment is one of many stationed at various Air Combat Command bases.After a
  • Tyndall Airman jumps into action

     A Tyndall Airman used his training to help a fellow passenger during his flight home.Senior Airman Tyler Washum, 325th Aerospace Medicine Squadron public health technician, used his healthcare knowledge and first responder techniques to help a dehydrated and overheated passenger.  Washum was on a flight home to Las Vegas."We were on the plane and
  • Squadron of the Week: 325th Aerospace Medicine Squadron keeping Airmen fit to fight.

    The 325th Aerospace Medicine Squadron makes a substantial contribution to Tyndall's success by ensuring the physical readiness of its Airmen.The 325th AMDS mission is to provide medical, dental, and preventive care enabling all wing and associate units to maximize readiness and combat capability. They provide or arrange for primary and specialty
  • Col. Kunkel-Meet The Commander

    From riding four-wheelers and fishing, to becoming the vice commander of the premier F-22  fighter wing in the U.S. Air Force, a new member of Team Tyndall has come a long way from his small town roots.Meet Col. Joseph D. Kunkel, the new vice commander for the 325th Fighter Wing here at Tyndall Air Force Base.Kunkel was first assigned as a pilot
  • 43rd Fighter Squadron: Molding the mind in the machine

    The F-22 Raptor is the most sophisticated and lethal aircraft in the world, but it doesn't fly itself. The high-tech jet is nothing but a high-tech paperweight without the mind inside the Raptor, with a  pilot holding its reigns.The 43rd Fighter Squadron is responsible for providing air dominance training for America's newest fighter, the F-22
  • The New Centurions

    Centurion is a title that goes back to the time of the Caesars.  In that era a Centurion was the principal professional officer in the armies of ancient Rome and its empire. They formed the backbone of the legion and were responsible for enforcing discipline.In this day and age, it is what the professionals of the 325th Security Forces Squadron
  • America's AOC remembers 9/11

    On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001 tragic events occurred in New York, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania. It was a day  no American will ever forget.Every year, Americans unite to honor and remember those fallen heroes, fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, police officers and firefighters, and all other victims of the terror attacks.The 601st Air
  • Canada: Unsung Heroes of 9/11

    On September 11, 2001, the United States shut down its airspace in reaction to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Because U.S. airspace was shutdown, hundreds of international flights crossing both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans now had no place to land.  Many of the planes were too far along and didn't have enough
  • A dual calling: joining the Chaplain Corps

    Air Force Chaplains provide spiritual care, facilitate religious activities and deliver 100 percent confidential counsel for the personnel in their care. It's been said, takes a special person to be a chaplain. But where do they come from?The Chaplain Candidate Program provides chaplains to the Chaplain Corps. A candidate spends three to six years