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  • A monumental flight

    Americans must never forget the ones who fought for their country - those who sacrificed so much so that people may enjoy their freedom. This is one of the many reasons monuments have been built to honor the achievements and commemorate the losses of those heroes. Sadly, many of those who these monuments honor have never even seen them. This
  • Meet the 53rd Weapons Evaluation Group commander: Col. Scott L. Ward

    On the sunny beaches of Myrtle Beach, S.C., a boy lays staring into the sky while A-10 Warthogs fly through the air, giving the boy the inspiration to one day do something similar. Flash forward some years, and the boy is now a man. That man is Col. Scott L. Ward, 53rd Weapons Evaluation Group commander. "I grew up in North Carolina," Ward
  • Meet the 325th Logistics Readiness Squadron commander: Lt. Col. Anthony Mullinax

    A phoenix is a mythical bird that symbolizes a new beginning. Typically depicted as a bird on fire, the life of the phoenix eventually extinguishes but from the ashes a new version of the phoenix arises.Just as the phoenix burns with a powerful flame, Lt. Col. Anthony Mullinax, 325th Logistics Readiness Squadron commander, hopes to ignite a passion
  • Joint Operational Logistics

    The Air Force is known for keeping the skies safe, but Airmen and civilian personnel from the 325th Logistics Readiness Squadron took a step towards keeping the oceans safe June 13. A Navy C-130 landed at Tyndall Air Force Base, and personnel from the 325th LRS helped load the Navy aircraft with cargo and equipment to be taken to Hickam Air Force
  • Customers are always right

    From buying items at the Base Exchange to logging into a computer, members of Team Tyndall constantly utilizes their Common Access Cards. It is the Airmen at the Military Personnel Section customer support center who continually work to ensure everyone who needs a CAC has one. The mission of the MPS is to provide quality personnel support
  • Show me the money

    The saying goes, "Money makes the world go round" and the 325th Comptroller Squadron is no exception. They share a large part in ensuring Tyndall's jets remain in the air. The 325th CPTS base budget office is required to purchase everything from notebooks to aircraft parts. Anything anyone needs to make the mission a success comes through the
  • Keep the beaches clean

    The summer months are a great opportunity to enjoy the many beaches in the area. However, it is important that beachgoers do their share to preserve the beaches, waterways and wildlife."It is very important to remove trash and pollution from these natural areas, because it can harm the environment and wildlife," said Wendy Jones, 325th Civil
  • Meet the 337th Air Control Squadron commander

    As a high school student, the Kansas City, Kan. native knew he wanted to pursue a career in the Air Force, but he didn't know joining would be the best thing he ever did."I was enticed by the Air Force Academy," said Lt. Col. Michael Hagan, 337th Air Control Squadron commander. "It seemed like a fun, challenging experience and opportunity." And it
  • Jury still out

    Tyndall is considered a small scale city. There is a security forces squadron to keep order, a civil engineer squadron to put out fires and a judge advocate office to handle all things legal."If the commander is the mayor, we would be the base's general counsel," said Capt. Vincent DeFabo, 325th Fighter Wing Judge Advocate chief of legal assistance
  • Meet the Chief

    A free-spirited, Sanford, Maine teenager, with no specific goals or aspirations and no funds for college, turned to the Air Force for stability. At the time, he planned to serve four years, get a degree and separate; but, it turned out life had other plans."Nothing really went as expected," said Chief Master Sgt. Christopher Lantagne, 325th Fighter