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  • Keep the beaches clean

    The summer months are a great opportunity to enjoy the many beaches in the area. However, it is important that beachgoers do their share to preserve the beaches, waterways and wildlife."It is very important to remove trash and pollution from these natural areas, because it can harm the environment and wildlife," said Wendy Jones, 325th Civil
  • Meet the 337th Air Control Squadron commander

    As a high school student, the Kansas City, Kan. native knew he wanted to pursue a career in the Air Force, but he didn't know joining would be the best thing he ever did."I was enticed by the Air Force Academy," said Lt. Col. Michael Hagan, 337th Air Control Squadron commander. "It seemed like a fun, challenging experience and opportunity." And it
  • Jury still out

    Tyndall is considered a small scale city. There is a security forces squadron to keep order, a civil engineer squadron to put out fires and a judge advocate office to handle all things legal."If the commander is the mayor, we would be the base's general counsel," said Capt. Vincent DeFabo, 325th Fighter Wing Judge Advocate chief of legal assistance
  • Meet the Chief

    A free-spirited, Sanford, Maine teenager, with no specific goals or aspirations and no funds for college, turned to the Air Force for stability. At the time, he planned to serve four years, get a degree and separate; but, it turned out life had other plans."Nothing really went as expected," said Chief Master Sgt. Christopher Lantagne, 325th Fighter
  • Eyes wide open

    Airmen may recall the repeated phrase, "Perception is reality," from Military Training Instructors at Basic Military Training. Taking from this saying, if what is perceived is fuzzy, then it may hold true to an Airman's reality, hence the need for regular eye exams."Optometry does many things," said Capt. Todd Christensen, 325th Aerospace Medicine
  • Get your DEET on

    The phrase, "It's like ants at a picnic," is common and well known. At Tyndall and surrounding areas, there may be a better phrase, "It's like mosquitoes anywhere."Mosquito season typically starts in April lasting until standing water has dried. To combat the mosquito threat, members of the 325th Civil Engineering Squadron works in tandem with the
  • First 95th FS commander recalls WWII days

    Much has changed in the 72 years since then-Maj. Bob Kirtley took the helm of 95th Fighter Squadron. The sands of Africa in World War II are replaced with Florida beaches, the F-22 Raptor takes the place of the twin-engine fighter his men flew. But, one thing remains: pride. "[I'm] very proud. Of course, I was very proud when we were flying the
  • Tyndall Airman conquers cancer

    Being resilient is something the Air Force strives for in every Airman, but when true resiliency is needed, some Airmen find it within themselves. Senior Airman George Lintala, 325th Logistic Readiness Squadron materiel management journeyman, was born and raised in Spain and joined the Air Force in July 2011. "I have a lot of family in
  • Playing with fire

    Waking up every other morning and getting ready for roll call by 6:55 a.m., before starting a 24-hour work day, is the life of a firefighter here at Tyndall. They must prepare for what the day may bring, including unexpected emergency calls. The fire protection mission is to provide fire and emergency services that include flight line
  • When in doubt -- salute

    Military customs are actions steeped in tradition. Such as the salute, going back to the medieval era, knights would expose their face by lifting their armor's visor. It is a sign of good faith and a show of respect resembling the same motion as a salute. Times have changed, but the custom remains. Lower ranking individuals still render these