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  • Meet the commander: Col. Scott Crogg

    There are significant dates in history where everyone remembers what they were doing: the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and most recently the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. For a pilot at the Ellington Texas Air National Guard Base, one such event resulted in what never could have been
  • Engine shop tune-up keeps sound of freedom flying

    On any given day, the reverberations of the F-22 Raptor's F-119 engines can be heard across Tyndall. A group of Airmen labor to keep the engines in tune so the sound of freedom can resonate loud and proud.At the 325th Maintenance Squadron engine shop, Airmen and contractors work hand-in-hand maintaining, repairing and testing the engines of the
  • 'A window into the past'

    With a gust of wind blowing and a light chill in the air, layers of forest and plants lie between an archeologist team and a path, marked with bright yellow and pink ribbons, identifying their next dig site. With a shovel, they dig the soft moist soil and roots on the ground, stopping at a depth of approximately one meter, hoping to find any type
  • Case still open: MOPP Exercise helps Airmen prepare

    During a brisk February morning, a group Tyndall Airmen gathers in the base family park. At a time where some may be preparing their morning coffee, these Airmen do not have the luxury; they are donning gas masks and readying themselves for needed training. Approximately 200 Airmen participated in an exercise Feb. 13 at Heritage Park. After they
  • Keeping pilots safe in the sky

    Before military aviators strap into their aircraft and fly a mission, they have several pre-flight steps to follow. Just like an average business professional dons a business suit or a doctor puts on scrubs, prior to performing their jobs, aircrew flight equipment specialists ensure pilots and their passengers are properly prepared for their
  • "New" Tyndall Raptors cleared for takeoff

    Before Tyndall's newest F-22 Raptors take to the skies, they must complete a long list of certifications, processes and maintenance. The 24 incoming jets from Holloman Air Force Base, N.M. will go through this process preformed by Tyndall's specialized maintainers."The F-22 has electronic forms, which have their own computer system, Integrated
  • Sentry Savannah provides keystone for aerial training

    Savannah is typically thought of as Georgia's historic gem nestled in the northeast corner near the Atlantic Ocean. Besides historic homes beneath prestigious, moss-laced oak trees, Savannah houses the Combat Readiness Training Center, Georgia Air National Guard. The CRTC provides all military branches and their units across the nation a location
  • Human potential: nothing more than a state of mind

    A Vietnam prisoner of war, now motivational speaker, spoke to a group of Tyndall Airmen Feb. 7 in the 53rd Weapons Evaluation Group auditorium. During his speech, Col. Edward Hubbard, United States Air Force retired, shared the story of his capture and what life was like living in captivity, hoping to teach his audience a new way of thinking. "I
  • Support sustains Sentry Savannah

    The morning sun began to peak through the grey sky, shedding light over Savannah, Ga. For a few moments, at the 165th Airlift Wing, Savannah Air National Guard base, the grey sky looked as if it blended into the tarmac. However, the silhouettes of fighter aircraft broke up the horizon. Amongst those aircraft were 14 of Tyndall's F-22 Raptors with
  • Propose a toast to better yourself

    In front of a lectern, a man stands holding his gavel, taking a deep breath and gathering his words.In this environment he is not known by his rank, but referred to as Toastmaster. After calling the meeting to order he puts people at ease with his lightheartedness and a sense of humor about the fears of speaking publicly. He then hands the floor to