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  • Tyndall's Heroes: A battlefield medic takes action in Iraq

    One brief conversation with Tech. Sgt. Clifford Hodge about his experience while deployed, and the role of an Air Force medic on the battlefield is brought into sharp focus. While assigned to the 332nd Air Expeditionary Group in Balad, Iraq, Sergeant Hodge prepared for another eventful week of medical operations by stocking supplies and preparing
  • Local AFSA chapter aides enlisted force for lifetime

    An Airman 1st Class from Tyndall Air Force Base may be speaking to Congress today. While the Airman is not going to be literally standing in the room or even be in Washington D.C., the Air Force Sergeants Association and Tyndall AFB's local AFSA chapter allows enlisted personnel of all ranks and retirees to get their voices heard to improve the
  • Red Horse warrior takes on new kind of battle

    He walked into a doctor's office with one problem, minor back pain. He walked out with a whole world of problems stemming from a newly diagnosed life-threatening disease. However, he also found a strong will to fight. In November, 2005 Master Sgt. Dale Filsell, the services superintendent for Detachment 1 of the 823rd Rapid Engineer Deployable
  • Tyndall athletes to compete in local Ironman

    A rush of sea water rushes over a swimmer's face as he reaches forward to push through a tyrant current. He spits out the bitter salt water as he pushes his muscles to the absolute limit. As he looks up, he can finally see the end in sight for what has been a long journey. The hot sun bounces off his back as he continues to edge forward. At last,
  • Future NCOs receive training at ALS

    While "congratulations" echo from base to base to the Air Force's newest staff sergeant selects, most Airmen on the promotion list are preparing for another right of passage earning them the honor to proudly display the stripe on their sleeve that distinguishes them as supervisors. Tyndall's Airmen gather their sharpest uniforms and begin the
  • FTAC: An introductory course to the operational Air Force.

    A fresh Airman, right out of technical school, prepares to arrive at his first duty station. The day comes and he finally arrives to his base. But how does he transition to the operational Air Force? This is where the First Term Airmen Center, also known as "FTAC," comes into play. "FTAC is a two-week structured program to assist supervisors in
  • Tyndall Airman receives 'Volunteer of the Quarter'

    Located in the 325th Aeromedical-Dental Squadron here, surrounded by a maze of large equipment, is a room filled with the aroma of popcorn and jalapeños. Inside is a desk filled with paperwork, and behind this desk sits Tyndall Air Force Base's newest Volunteer of the Quarter, 1 April through 30 June. Tech Sgt. Lori Shackleford grew up in Enid,
  • Tyndall robots make lives easier

    Deep inside the humid forests of Tyndall Air Force Base is a little known compound inside of a security gate filled with buildings, tents and other fortifications. The scenery looks similar to a Hollywood secret agent movie. Inside some of those buildings, robots of all shapes, sizes and sorts can be found. Some of them appear to be hybrids of
  • Member from Tyndall brings it strong in national wrestling championship

    One member from Tyndall earned respect from his coaches and fellow teammates after an impressive finish in a national wrestling tournament April 7. 1st Lt. Brenden McLean, member of the 28th Test and Evaluation Squadron here, wrestled for his first time with the Air Force team and came away with an eight place finish overall for his 96-kilogram
  • Tyndall basketball player shoots for a goal in the game he loves

    At first glance, some would say Senior Airman Anthony Showers, 325th Communications Squadron, comes across as soft spoken, maybe even modest. But, that's only if they met him outside of the basketball court. When the point guard, known to his teammates as the David Ruffin of the Tyndall Tigers, steps onto the court, it's a whole other ball