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  • Tigers split victory with Commandos in two game contest

    The Tyndall Tigers men's varsity basketball team split their two game set with the visiting Hurlburt Field Commandos in Southeastern Military Athletic Conference, regular season play this past weekend. Tyndall triumphed over Hurlburt, 98-95 in over time in Saturday's game. Tyndall jumped out to an early 10-2 lead over the Commandos and maintain the
  • Playoffs heat up, CONS champs again

    Well, the regular season is over and the true contenders have emerged, at least from the American Football Conference. The National Football Conference is still a little questionable and whoever does win the conference will have to do it handedly for me to give them a shot it the Super Bowl. Indianapolis and Kansas City kicked the playoffs off on
  • Three Airmen STEP promoted, respected by peers

    Three Airmen here were promoted through Stripes for Exceptional Performers, a program for Air Force members to be promoted through their exceptional performance in their duties. Master Sgt. Timothy Madura, 325th Maintenance Squadron F-22 lead standardization crew member; Tech. Sgt. Michael Halbrook, 325th Communications Squadron base communications
  • Tax center opens, assists for season

    Aside from being a new beginning, the dawn of the New Year means income tax season is right around the corner. While most treasure tax time as much as being hit over the head with a frying pan, some members of Team Tyndall enjoy the tax assistance program offered here. The 325th Fighter Wing Legal Office will provide free tax help, to include
  • From the 'Target' to the

    From the very beginning of Tyndall, the installation has always had a tangible source for base news, announcements and even the occasional comic strip. Over the years, the base newspaper has changed its name twice, gone from color front pages, to no color and back again. But even as the paper held in many hands shared our stories, triumphs and
  • 325th CES exercises oil spill clean-up procedures

    More than 2,000 gallons of oil spilled into Fred Bayou here Dec. 11 - or at least that is what Tyndall emergency response and environmental flight personnel exercised to prepare for a worst-case scenario oil spill. "The unannounced drill was done to check the ability (of the squadron) to contain an oil spill," said Joe McLernan, 325th Civil
  • Several ways to earn commission

    Where can someone go if they want to become an Air Force officer? For those considering a commission, the 2007 Airman Education and Commissioning Program newsletter contains information such as application deadlines, policies and eligibility. The newsletter has updated and accurate information concerning the process. AECP provides information to
  • Victim Witness Assistance Program: know your rights

    The responsibility of protecting Air Force members and their families is something Tyndall takes seriously. Part of our protection plan is the Victim Witness Assistance Program. The VWAP is designed to ensure victims of crimes know their rights and are informed of available resources to help cope with the results of crime. The VWAP, established by
  • Fire, emergency services encourage holiday safety

    Every holiday season throughout the U.S., tragedy strikes hundreds of families. Statistics show that fires related to candles, Christmas trees, holiday lighting and portable space heaters cause a dramatic increase in residential fires between Thanksgiving and New Years. The Tyndall Fire and Emergency Services Flight wants you to enjoy a fire safe
  • From talons to Miss Fury's skull - 1st FS accomplishes training and closes with heads held high

    With the rise of new fighter aircraft and decrease in the number of F-15 Eagles flown in the active Air Force, the 1st Fighter Squadron and its maintaining force, the 1st Aircraft Maintenance Unit, were inactivated 11:01 a.m. Dec. 15 after 22 years of Eagle pilot training. The 1st FS has been inactivated and reactivated on two other occasions to