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  • NCO's deployed journal entries garner national attention

    Who would have thought that writing in a journal could get so much publicity? This question has probably passed through Staff Sgt. Edward Gyokeres' mind more than once. What started as a daily journal shared with family and friends while he was deployed to Tallil AB, Iraq in 2003, has became a national commodity in the past few years. "Writing was
  • Getting dirty produces great results for missiles shop

    On the other side of the runway, across from the hangars, jets and bustle of the operations buildings, a group of buildings sit among the trees. The buildings are so far back, many people on Tyndall may not know they are even there. However, the products maintained by the Airmen in these buildings are seen almost everyday on the flightline -
  • Breaking it down with Tyndall's Recycling Center

    Recycling - almost everyone has heard about it and it's benefits, but how does trash get to the recycling center? More importantly, what exactly goes in a recycling bin? "Actively participating in recycling is one of the simplest and most direct ways everyone can make an immediate positive environmental impact," said Steve McLellan, 325th Civil
  • Bowling season rolls in Aug. 18

    After duty hours, there is a busy place on base full of people and thundering sounds. With the help of 32 squadrons here, with a total of 400 members, Tyndall's Raptor Lanes hosts the base intramural bowling league that competes nightly and on occasional weekends. The teams compete for several categories of awards. "It all comes down to having a
  • Back to school: Students, parents, teachers prepare for new year

    Ding, ding, ding. There goes the bell, better not be late for class. School will be back in session Wednesday for Bay County schools and students, teachers and parents are preparing for a new school year. Planning lessons, brushing up on math skills, and shopping for pencils and paper are just some of the many things they will do to get ready for
  • Basic beginning for B-course students

    (Editor's note: This is the second of a five-part series covering the training B-course students go through to get in the air.) Tyndall's Eagle Academics classrooms are the home to F-15 Eagle pilots in training before the ever step into a jet. They hit the books in hopes to make the passing grade on eight primary classroom course blocks termed
  • ABM students reach new training 'heights'

    Nine members of Air Battle Manager class 07-006 departed direct from their classrooms Nov. 16 for a topto- bottom guided tour of the radar approach and control center and air traffic control tower facilities at the 325th Operations Support Squadron. The tour is a part of the training program for all ABM students, said Capt. Mike Boynton, 325th Air
  • Boneheads train 'fighter ace'

    Each month, the 95th Fighter Squadron selects a deserving child with a serious medical condition to live their life of a fighter pilot for a day. David Baptiste, 14, worked for Mr. Bones, and in doing so, became a "Bonehead" for life Nov. 21. The entire squadron from the top down, went out of its way to make sure David felt like a true VIP. The
  • Protecting personnel, property - one burn at a time

    According to the Florida Division of Forestry, 4,539 wildfires have burned 213,444 acres between Jan. 1 and Oct. 31 in Florida this year. While fires near developed areas present obvious dangers, many wildfires occur naturally promoting ecological rejuvenation and reduce the threat of unpredicted, uncontrolled and disastrous wildfires. "The state
  • Tyndall member helps provide companions for disabled

    For people with certain disabilities, saying their canine was their best friend would be an understatement. Saying they are their eyes, ears, hands or feet might be the truth. People with certain disabilities need a constant companion to help them do certain tasks, such as pulling a wheelchair, retrieving dropped objects, opening doors and drawers