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  • The Mighty Widget: E-9A surveillance critical to weapons evaluation

    In today’s Air Force, the need to do more with less is paramount. The 82nd Aerial Target Squadron has an aircraft suited for the needs of many, allowing its versatility to save the Air Force money. The E-9A Widget, a modified version of the Bombardier Dash-8, plays many roles in the mission of the 53rd Weapons Evaluation Group’s Weapons System Evaluation Programs.
  • DFAC Fresh: Dining facility feeds fresh food to Tyndall

    The food service professionals of the dining facility are dedicated to serving Airmen the finest fresh food available in the quickest, most efficient, manner possible.
  • Public Health's Unsung Hero: Chelsea Williams

    Over a year ago this unsung hero was working as an OB-GYN in Bay County, and now she oversees all deploying and post-deployment assessments as a member of Team Tyndall.Chelsea Williams took the opportunity to become the deployment assessment nurse for Public Health at the 325th Aerospace Medicine Squadron over a year ago and has loved every minute
  • Public Health: Taking care of Airmen

    Taking care of Airmen and their families is the most important line of effort Tyndall has. One flight here plays a vital role in keeping those Airmen and their families safe from disease, and fit for the fight.Public Health keeps base population healthy to perform the Air Force mission by providing communicable disease prevention, force health,
  • REDHORSE Unsung Hero: Master Sgt. Jim Cummings

    An unsung hero is someone who makes a substantial contribution to the mission of their squadron or flight, and the leadership of Detachment 1, 823rd RED HORSE selected Master Sgt. Jim Cummings as the Unsung Hero this week.
  • REDHORSE trains Airmen for deployment at Silver Flag

    When Airmen are down range, the infrastructure needed to support them is critical to the success of the mission. The instructors at Silver Flag train those who make life livable for Airmen in deployed locations. This detachment is one of many stationed throughout the Air Force.
  • 325th Force Support Squadron Unsung Hero Mrs. Ashley Smith

    Taking care of a child takes a lot of patience and time. At Tyndall’s Child Development Center, the caretakers are responsible for multiple children which requires more patience and more time. The one who ensures these caretakers are properly trained, is also the 325th Force Support Squadron’s Unsung Hero. Mrs. Ashley Smith is a Child and Youth Programs Training and Curriculum Specialist for the CDC. She is responsible for providing training, feedback and resources to CDC staff.
  • Service specialists: providing peace of mind to Tyndall families

    Family is an important piece of life’s puzzle. For one flight on Tyndall, ensuring families are taken care of is at the forefront of their minds. The 325th Force Support Squadron’s Airman and Family Services Flight plays a key role in keeping the mission going by directly supporting the 325th Fighter Wing commander’s line of effort of taking care of Airmen and their families.
  • C is for courage

    The Air Force prides itself on professionalism. But some Airmen exude it, even through a diagnosis of a potentially deadly disease.This week’s Unsung Hero is Staff Sgt. Michael Stanforth. He is the floor chief of the 43rd Fighter Squadron Aircrew Flight Equipment, and he is a cancer survivor. “My job is to ensure the safety and integrity of the
  • Keeping pilots safe: Aircrew Flight Equipment

    The 43rd Fighter Squadron’s mission is to provide air dominance training to the Air Force’s newest F-22 Raptor pilots, but to do this safely, the pilots’ flight equipment must work properly at all times.That is where the Aircrew Flight Equipment shop comes in. They are charged with housing, inspecting and maintaining all of the 43rd FS pilots’ life