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  • 'Duty' at 4-H camp completed, friends made, fun had

    Off they went into the wild purple yonder. Approximately 60 children "deployed" from Tyndall's Youth Center in support of Operation Purple Oct. 12- 15 at Camp Cherry in Madison, Fla. "I think both the youth and their parents have benefited from this camping trip," said Alma Hooks, Youth Center director. "The youth experienced similar things their
  • Turkey Shoot determines Tyndall's best

    Second consecutive victory for Boneheads in wing-wide competitionImagine competing in the 325th Fighter Wing Turkey Shoot to be the best organization relying on crew chiefs to maintain jets flawlessly, weapons loaders to securely arm jets, pilots to fly the mission using precise perfection, accurate information from air battle managers who monitor
  • Students learn value of professional organizations

    Beyond technical training and professional military education courses, students and Airmen here can enhance their careers by being members of a variety of professional organizations. Tyndall's pro orgs offer Airmen the opportunities to gain insight about the Air Force mission, their role as members of team Tyndall and add bullets to performance
  • Courses put NCOs in teamwork mode

    The ropes course here challenges senior NCO and NCO Enhancement course students mentally and physically, while inspiring them to work together as a team. "The evolution of the team over the course of a few hours is really something to see," said Master Sgt. Travis Fritts, 325th Fighter Wing career assistance advisor. "You can build a lifetime of
  • Patch work boosts student morale

    Creativity designs it, morale upholds it, determination drives it and pride molds it. Designing a class patch is an important tool to unify the classes. It brings classes together to build camaraderie and separates them from other classes at the 325th Air Control Squadron. "It's a pride and morale booster," said 2nd Lt. Kevin Peel, 325th ACS air
  • 95th FS holds second ‘Pilot for Day”

    Visiting his dad's old squadron Oct. 12 helped Ryan McGraw, 10, Pilot for a Day, cope with his loss. This was the 95th Fighter Squadron's second time inducting a child as its special guest in their Pilot for a Day program. Before he stepped into the simulator, Ryan had the opportunity to meet the commander, participate in a step brief with pilots
  • Family practice fulfills wide range of patient needs

    (Editor's note: This is the last of a three-part feature series highlighting the 325th Medical Group's women's health clinic, flight medicine, and family practice.) For most base members - active duty, retired, family members and many others - this intensely busy location is the center of their healthcare universe. It's where patients of all ages
  • Diverse ALS setting enhances learning

    What job responsibilities do a medical technician, a crew chief and a patrolman have in common? The answer is supervision. Supervision is one of the key elements taught in Airman Leadership School throughout the Air Force. In order to be an effective supervisor, one important lesson must be learned : diversity is every where. Simply put, diversity
  • Representing with honor

    Sharp clicks echo each deliberate step. The first note of "Taps" slowly creeps from a bagpipe in the distance and six Airmen, stoically poised, carry the casket of a fellow comrade to its final resting place. Tyndall Honor Guard members proudly accept the responsibility of conducting formal military ceremonies, which recognize and continue the
  • Exchange program brings worlds, missions together

    There's no better way to know your allies than to don their uniform and embed yourself into the equivalent of your job in their country. That's what seems to work for the 325th Air Control Squadron here, who continues to strengthen their mission by utilizing the Air Force Military Personnel Exchange Program. While a foreign officer became a member