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  • We have come a long way - Tyndall's focus has always been on training

    (Editor's note: All of the pictures and information is courtesy of the 325th FW historian.) As the Air Force celebrates 59 years of air power, Tyndall looks back on over 60 years of training America's defense. Plans for Tyndall in the Panama City area started as early as September 1940. The area was considered ideal for aerial gunnery training
  • Team Tyndall volunteers make impact on base, community

    Several words come to mind when you think about serving in the Air Force. Those new to the military may think of pride, commitment, duty and service. However, once Airmen get their "feet in the door," another word becomes very familiar to them - volunteer. Airmen have been long-time helpers on their bases and in their surrounding local
  • Lady Tiger softball player goes to Air Force 'camp'

    Air Force womens' softball team captain, most valuable player at the command level, member of the command's championship team, second place winner of the Armed Forces tournament and identification technician at the Southeast Air Defense Sector. These are all titles held by Karrie Warren, an avid softball player for 20 years and a member of the Lady
  • Maintainers further training on Raptors

    They've taken off their "greenbelts," put on the coveted American Hornets patch, and launched and recovered F-22 Raptors many times, but these enlisted maintainers will always make time to complete more training. Three years ago, the 372nd Training Squadron/Detachment 4 here began the F-22 maintenance course for 43rd Aircraft Maintenance Unit
  • Teaching provides learning experience

    Leaving the comfort zone of a current job and learning a new one that holds you responsible for "molding the minds" of new Airmen can be challenging. However, the benefits of a special duties, such as a professional military education instructors, can out weigh those challenges. "I began looking into special duty assignments because I was ready for
  • 800 degrees and rising

    Many children grow up always wanting to be firefighters. They dream of rescuing a person stuck in a bedroom of a burning house, but no one realizes how much more firemen actually do. Fighting fires is just one part of their job. Here, firefighters get called out to aircraft complications, car accidents and medical emergencies. "Whenever there is a
  • Senior Airman air traffic controller becomes a ‘chief’

    During the day, he scans the sky in his crisply pressed camouflage uniform as a 325th Operations Support Squadron air traffic controller. But at night, he looks up and talks to the "sky" in a pair of costume pajamas at a staged psychiatric ward in the Martin Theatre in downtown Panama City. Pilots hear Senior Airman Chris Allen's voice over the
  • Intelligence students get smart on AF Special Ops

    Knowing your enemy is age-old advice. But in today's battle space, maintaining information superiority is critical to mission success. Determining threats in an often blurred, undefined battle space is the one mission every special operations intelligence trainee seeks to accomplish. The Air Force Special Operations Command Intelligence Formal