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  • AFNORTH defends US through air, space assets

    Protecting the skies of the continental United States is an enormous task. The organization responsible for that job has almost a bigger name: 1st Air Force, Air Forces Northern and Continental United States North American Aerospace Defense Command.
  • Unsung Hero: Master Sgt. Martha Dunning

    Picture this, growing up abroad, visiting various places and bearing witness to the prestige of military ceremonies becoming a member of the U.S. Air force. This was the case for Master Sgt. Martha Dunning, AFNORTH standards and evaluations manager and this week’s unsung hero. Originally born and raised in Colombia until the age of seven, Dunning is the eldest of four children and the first member of her family to join the U.S. Air force.
  • Tyndall air traffic controllers vital to flying mission

    The 325th Fighter Wing commander accompanied an Airman from the 325th Operations Support Squadron Radar Approach Control as he completed his daily duties March 29. Colonel Derek France, 325th FW commander, shadowed Senior Airman Jonathan Hutchinson, a 325th OSS RAPCON air traffic controller for a portion of the day as part of the Airman's Shadow program.
  • Maintaining the line

    For the average person, their mechanical incline may end at “lefty-loose-y, righty-tight-y” but the professionals of the 325th Maintenance Squadron make all things aircraft their business.
  • Tyndall Airman participates in Bataan Memorial Death March

    In the high desert terrain of White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, the annual Bataan Memorial Death March was held March 20 in honor of the heroic service members who defended the Philippine Islands during World War II. Technical Sgt. Julia Getter from the 53rd Test Support Squadron took part in the grueling 26.2-mile course again this year, making it her fifth time participating in the event.
  • Unsung Hero: A1C Nathan Neer

    Airman 1st Class Nathan Neer, 325th Maintenance Squadron conventional maintenance crew member, is the Unsung Hero of the 325th MXS this week.
  • Squadron of the Week: 325th SFS S-5

    When people think of security forces, their mind might go straight to the men and women in uniform with an M-9 Beretta strapped to their leg, patrol cars roaming the streets, or even military working dogs walking along with their handlers. The S-5 section works behind the scenes to make the visible law enforcement presence possible in the 325th Security Forces Squadron. Consisting of seven different sections, the main mission of this small shop of approximately 25 members is to work closely with base leadership to ensure base personnel and assets are secure.
  • Unsung hero: Master Sgt. Nicholas Kehoe

    Master Sgt. Nicholas Kehoe is the NCO in charge of installation security at the 325th Security Forces Squadron S-5 section, and is from Sharpsville, a small town in Pennsylvania. He received his diploma from Sharpsville Area High School, with a graduating class of approximately 70 students. After that, he decided to join the Air Force.
  • You got it, we bought it

    Take a minute and look around Tyndall. With every glance it is easy to see the impact of contract provided capabilities; from the planes, the facilities, the furniture, the computers and the tools used to maintain the most advanced air superiority fighter on the planet. Likely, those capabilities were provided by the dedicated men and women of the 325th Contracting Squadron.
  • Contract for a hero

    Everyone has their own definition and visualization when it comes to the word “hero.” For the 325th Contracting Squadron, the term brings to mind a face within the squadron. Ms. Norma Myers, 325th CONS director of business operations, has spent nearly 30 years with the squadron, and has helped shaped it like no other.