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  • You got it, we bought it

    Take a minute and look around Tyndall. With every glance it is easy to see the impact of contract provided capabilities; from the planes, the facilities, the furniture, the computers and the tools used to maintain the most advanced air superiority fighter on the planet. Likely, those capabilities were provided by the dedicated men and women of the 325th Contracting Squadron.
  • Contract for a hero

    Everyone has their own definition and visualization when it comes to the word “hero.” For the 325th Contracting Squadron, the term brings to mind a face within the squadron. Ms. Norma Myers, 325th CONS director of business operations, has spent nearly 30 years with the squadron, and has helped shaped it like no other.
  • Squadron of the Week: NCO Academy

    Leadership is a vital skill that drives any organization.  The Airmen at the Paul W. Airey NCO Academy help instill this quality into technical sergeants who enroll there.The NCOA has been selected as squadron of the week for its role in educating NCOs of not only Tyndall Air Force Base, but also from bases across the Air Force, to include active
  • Unsung Hero: TSgt. Niki Molinar

    An unsung hero is someone who makes a substantive yet unrecognized contribution to the mission. Technical Sgt. Niki Lanett is the Paul W. Airey NCO Academy unsung hero. As an instructor she has helped educate many NCOs from all over the Total Force.Molinar is from Columbus, Ohio and has been in the Air Force for 12 years. She said she originally
  • An Airman's best friend

    Military working dogs are referred to by several names at the 325th Security Forces Squadron: guardians of the night, their enemies' worst nightmare, but mainly - a man's best friend.The working dogs and their handlers work in tandem, whether home or abroad, to protect resources and infrastructure wherever they may be. Just as when a service member
  • 325th Communication Squadron: Unsung Hero

    Heroes come in many different forms; from pixelated heroes on little screens, to super heroes on the big screen, or for the 325th Communications Squadron, the heroes behind a computer screen.The 325th CS sees its hero as Staff Sgt. John Untz. Though he is a radio frequency transmission systems technician, he currently works as part of a new team
  • Communication: The key to success

    Computers, phones and radios; these are commonly known to be maintained by the 325th Communications Squadron. But the role of this diverse squadron extends far beyond that.The 325th CS mission is to provide superior Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) system support and information services for Team Tyndall and
  • 82nd ATRS: Paving Way With Ground To Air Mission

    There's a unit at Tyndall that incorporates all the skills required for land, air and sea capabilities. From keeping aircraft in the sky, to training pilots for top-notch air superiority, the 82nd Aerial Targets Squadron does it all. As one of five squadrons that make up the 53rd Weapons Evaluation Group, the 82nd ATRS initiates and operates all
  • Unsung Hero: Master Sgt. Phillip Praeger

    Everyday heroes walk among us. Some occupy important positions; others inspire us with their work ethic or commitment to duty. This week we'll meet someone whose career didn't go exactly as planned, but gives meaning to the words, "excellence in all we do."Master Sgt. Phillip Praeger is the 82nd Aerial Targets Squadron subscale logistics
  • Unsung hero: Staff Sgt. Antoine L. Thompson

    Airmen are meant to be interchangeable pieces of a larger machine, but at times certain individuals stand out as crucial components that keep things running efficiently.One of those individuals is Staff Sgt. Antoine L. Thompson, 325th Logistics Readiness Squadron special handling NCO in charge.A Killeen, Texas native, Thompson, was drawn to the Air