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  • Unsung Hero: MSgt. Christopher Tilstra

    An unsung hero is someone who makes a substantive yet unrecognized contribution to the mission. Everybody knows one. Master Sgt. Christopher Tilstra is Air Force Civil Engineer Center's unsung hero. His exemplary leadership and mentorship has made a great contribution to the civil engineering mission and to the Air Force.Tilstra, an experienced,
  • Squadron of the Week: AFCEC

    When it comes to providing the tools, practices and professional support to maximize base and contingency operations, it's been said the Air Force Civil Engineer Center is second to none.AFCEC is highlighted this week because of its critical mission of maintaining the infrastructure and standards of Air Force bases worldwide. They also maintain a
  • 337th Air Control Squadron Unsung hero

    From guiding horses to guiding aircraft, one Airman from the 337th Air Control Squadron has made her mark on the squadron and is riding high.Senior Airman Amanda Masters, 337th ACS weapons simulation technician, was born in New York, but calls a little town in Kentucky home."I was an Air Force brat, so we moved a lot," Masters said. "I was born on
  • Meet the Commander: Major Matthew Joseph, Engineering Resilience

    Being in command can be a heavy burden, a burden that can weigh even more when life throws hard times our way.Major Mathew Joseph, commander of Detachment 1, 823rd RED HORSE Squadron, has not only dealt with all the challenges of a new command, but also the passing of his wife, Staci. Joseph had been in the Air Force for a little more than 13 years
  • Squadron of the Week: 337th Air Control Squadron

    In the warfighting environment, all of the pieces on the battlefield must come together in order to accomplish the mission. The Airmen who help guide these pieces into place are the air battle managers.The 337th Air Control Squadron,  the squadron that trains these warfighters, is our squadron of the week. Preparing these undergraduate ABMs for
  • Keeping Airmen and families mission ready

    The various flights and facilities within the 325th Medical Support Squadron and the roles they play make a substantial contribution to fulfilling Tyndall's mission.In 2015, the squadron was recognized by Col. Derek France, 325th Fighter Wing commander, as "leading the wing in evaluation reporting" with their efficiency in adapting to the new
  • Operation Desert Storm: 25th anniversary

    Sunday,  January 17, 2016, marks the 25th anniversary of the beginning of Operation Desert Storm, usually called the First Gulf War.Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in August 1990 represented a direct assault on an American ally and represented a direct threat to the world's oil supply. Fearing an assault on Saudi Arabia, the United States and other
  • Unsung Hero: Senior Airman Jazmin Garcia

    The professionals of the 325th Medical Support Squadron are trained to maintain the wellness of Airmen and their families. Although all Airmen in the squadron meet the standard, there are those who shine: meet Senior Airman Jazmin Garcia, 325th Medical Support Squadron medical laboratory technician.Born and raised in Nacogdoches, Texas, Garcia was
  • Unsung hero: Tech. Sgt. Donald McCutcheon

    Airmen are meant to be interchangeable pieces of a larger machine, but at times certain individuals stand out as crucial components that keep things running efficiently.One of those individuals is Tech. Sgt. Donald McCutcheon, 2nd Fighter Training Squadron aviation resource management technician."I was attracted by the Aviation Resource Management
  • Second to None: American Beagles

    The 2nd Fighter Training Squadron has had many monikers. One thing that has remained constant throughout their evolution is their commitment to training for the future of unrivaled combat airpower.The American Beagles lineage goes all the way back to Jan. 15, 1941, when they were originally activated as the 2nd Pursuit Squadron. Since then they