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  • Unsung hero: Tech. Sgt. Donald McCutcheon

    Airmen are meant to be interchangeable pieces of a larger machine, but at times certain individuals stand out as crucial components that keep things running efficiently.One of those individuals is Tech. Sgt. Donald McCutcheon, 2nd Fighter Training Squadron aviation resource management technician."I was attracted by the Aviation Resource Management
  • Second to None: American Beagles

    The 2nd Fighter Training Squadron has had many monikers. One thing that has remained constant throughout their evolution is their commitment to training for the future of unrivaled combat airpower.The American Beagles lineage goes all the way back to Jan. 15, 1941, when they were originally activated as the 2nd Pursuit Squadron. Since then they
  • All aboard for Training

    Tyndall's partnerships with the community are sources of pride for its leadership, so when asked to participate in a multi-agency, multi-faceted train exercise, the base was there with full support.More than 40 members of Tyndall joined over 150 people from local agencies to participate in an extensive train environment exercise Dec. 17 on the
  • Squadron of the Week: 325th Civil Engineer Squadron

    When the base's infrastructure is in need of repair or an emergency needs to be taken care of, the 325th Civil Engineer Squadron is there to solve the problem.The 325th CES has been selected as squadron of the week for its vital role in the many operations of Tyndall Air Force Base.The 325th CES' mission is the operation, maintenance, repair and
  • Unsung Hero: Staff Sergeant Adam Moriarity

    Every week a member of Team Tyndall is highlighted for their contribution to the mission; we would like to introduce Staff Sgt. Adam Moriarity, a 325th Civil Engineer Squadron firefighter as this week's unsung hero.A child of a military family, Moriarity has never stayed in one place too long.  His last place of residence before joining the
  • Wing Staff Agencies Unsung Hero: Henry Laroche

    Choosing a hero from such a diverse group like the Wing Staff Agencies can be difficult, yet the choice was made easy by the great work completed every day by the Drug Demand and Reduction program manager.Henry Laroche, a retired senior master sergeant with more than 28 years of service, has been the program manager since 2009, and worked as the
  • Squadron of the Week: Wing Staff Agencies

    The base wing commander faces constant pressure to keep the wing moving forward and ensure the mission is accomplished. Luckily, the personnel in the Wing Staff Agencies keep his programs and policies on track, and keep wing operations running smoothly."The WSA is essentially the commander's staff," said Lt. Col. Gregory Pickette, 325th Fighter
  • Unsung Hero: Cleo Hobbs

    By definition, an unsung hero is usually behind scenes and doesn't get the limelight, but this time the tables have turned and out of the shadows comes Cleo Hobbs.A prior enlisted security and data systems information flight commander for the 325th Training Support Squadron, Hobbs leads 13 security specialists and two client support technicians and
  • Airman Shadow: SrA Hayden Johnson

    The 325th Fighter Wing vice commander learned the duties of a 44th Maintenance Squadron Airman as part of the Airman's Shadow program, Nov. 20.Colonel Joseph D. Kunkel, 325th FW vice commander, shadowed Senior Airman Hayden Johnson, 44th MXS low-observable aircraft structural maintenance journeyman, while he performed his daily responsibilities at
  • Raptor repairmen: 325th AMXS keeping airpower alive

    Every machine in the world needs someone who can maintain and fix it. For Tyndall's F-22 Raptors, the 325th Fighter Wing has a dedicated group of maintainers within the 325th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron who are determined to advance the wings ability to train and project unrivaled combat airpower.The 325th AMXS provides skilled maintenance to