Lady Tiger softball player goes to Air Force 'camp'

TYNDALL AFB, Fla. -- Air Force womens' softball team captain, most valuable player at the command level, member of the command's championship team, second place winner of the Armed Forces tournament and identification technician at the Southeast Air Defense Sector. 

These are all titles held by Karrie Warren, an avid softball player for 20 years and a member of the Lady Tigers, Tyndall's varsity team. 

Warren was one of three women in Air Education and Training Command accepted for a slot on the Air Force softball team during the All Air Force Women's Softball Camp, Hill AFB, Utah, in August. 

"I tryout every year with an open mind," she said. "I think hard work and the depth and leadership of the team got me selected." 

In early August, Warren and the Tyndall team won the AETC softball championship, where she was named the MVP of the tournament. 

After the championship, she went on to tryout for the All Air Force team and was named team captain. 

"I have played or coached for more than 20 years, and Karrie is one of those players you wish you had on every team," said Daryl Shines, Tyndall Lady Tigers coach. "She is that rare player with skills in every part of the game. There was no doubt in my mind she would make the Air Force team, and it was no surprise to me she was picked captain." 

During tryouts Warren got the call she was selected for the Air Force team. 

Tryouts were tough with three practices a day and double headers at night. The competitive temporary duty lasted more than a week. 

"We came in 2nd in the Armed Forces tourney behind the Army," said Warren. "I was named to the all-tournament team and the All Armed Forces team to represent the Armed Forces in the Western Regional tournament. We went on to win the Western Regionals." 

Now the Air Force team waits for their chance to take on national teams. 

"To have the opportunity to represent the Air Force at the highest level possible is such an honor," she said. 

Her teammates are what she enjoys about the game. 

"It takes all 10 on the team to win," Warren said. "The challenges are physical triumphs. As you get older you have to play smarter." 

The Lady Tiger's softball season is over, but I look forward to next season and hopefully Warren and others will be ready to do it again, said Coach Shines.