Meet the 53rd Weapons Evaluation Group commander: Col. Scott L. Ward

Col. Scott L. Ward, 53rd Weapons Evaluation Group commander.

Col. Scott L. Ward, 53rd Weapons Evaluation Group commander.


On the sunny beaches of Myrtle Beach, S.C., a boy lays staring into the sky while A-10 Warthogs fly through the air, giving the boy the inspiration to one day do something similar.

Flash forward some years, and the boy is now a man. That man is Col. Scott L. Ward, 53rd Weapons Evaluation Group commander.

"I grew up in North Carolina," Ward said. "My family would often vacation in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Close to that area there was an Air Force base where A-10 Warthogs were flown. As a kid sitting on the beach watching planes flying overhead, I thought that I would like to do that someday."

That led to Ward attending the ROTC program at Georgia Tech where he earned his commission. From there he received a pilot training slot, Ward added.

With school and training being something important to his career Ward attended various courses and training environments, some being tough for him, he said.

"One difficult part of my career was attending Air Force Weapons School at Nellis Air Force Base, Nev.," Ward said.  "It was a six month program for various career fields. The classes were basically Ph. D. level courses. When I ran into times where I needed motivation, I just thought of those that went through the course before me and it helps me get through it."

In times good or bad, Ward tries to communicate a simple message to Airmen to keep them grounded and fit to fight.

"What I would like to instill in my Airmen is two things - the Air Force Core Values and balance," Ward said. "I believe balance is very important. It is vital to yourself and the Air Force to make sure to take care of yourself, your family, exercise, take your leave and eat right. Regardless of what your job is, doing these things will make you a better, more productive Airman."

When taking time for himself, Ward enjoys watching sports and playing music.

"For my down time I like to golf and watch sports," Ward said. "I'm an Atlanta Braves fan, and it's good to be in the South where I think I'll get more of an opportunity to watch them. Additionally, I enjoy playing music. I have played different instruments, but right now I play the drums."

Most of his life he has enjoyed all types of music, from classic and contemporary Christian rock to country, he added.

As Ward settles in to his new position he will take the pulse of the 53rd WEG and continue to help in the Air Forces mission.

"I'm coming into a great group," Ward said. "What I'm doing now is observing and learning. I am a, 'Lead by example' kind of leader I and look forward to leading my Airmen."

"One highlight of my career is being a group commander. With accomplishing that, I am very happy to be here," Ward added.