Tyndall March 2018 promotions

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  • 325th Fighter Wing Public Affairs

Congratulations to all of Tyndall’s newest enlisted promotees.

Promoted to Airman


Johnson, Gerald Jr.                         325th Communications Squadron

Whistler, Kaylee                               325th Maintenance Squadron


Promoted to Airman 1st Class

Acosta Anderson, Oliver                  325th Security Forces Squadron

Bass, Darrion                                      325th MXS

Brown, Micah                                    325th Operations Support Squadron

Hukill, Bradley                                   325th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

Kimdy, Adam                                     325th MXS

O’Toole, Aiden                                  325th CS

Peavy, Joshua                                   325th MXS

Roberts, Brandon                            325th MXS

Verneman, Evert III                         325th AMXS


Promoted to Senior Airman

Almasri, Amir                                   325th AMXS

Benedict, Ian                                    325th Logistics Readiness Squadron

Bochenko, Rachel                            325th SFS

Burks, Kyle                                         325th MXS

Castro, Noe Jr.                                  325th MXS

Chaires, Fredericka                          325th Medical Support Squadron

Fluitt, Ish Mi El                                  325th MXS

Hurst, Tybee                                      325th Fighter Wing

Lanias, Kanoa                                    325th AMXS

Maye, Kevin                                      325th MXS

Mckenzie, Tyrone                            325th AMXS

Moore, Parrish                                 325th Civil Engineer Squadron

Pine, Casarah                                    325th Force Support Squadron

Rhodes, Kole                                     325th MXS

Smith, Rickey                                     325th MXS

Soukhamneut, Riley                         325th MXS

Spells, Yakyra                                     325th FSS

Williams, Alise                                   325th LRS


Promoted to Staff Sergeant

Ashley, Brandon                               325th CS

Bolton, Dakota                                  325th SFS

Cheek, Michael                                 325th AMXS

Cowan, Martin Jr.                            325th LRS

Cox, Whitley                                      325th Aerospace Medicine Squadron

Griffin, Michael Jr.                           325th MXS

Haisley, Avery                                   325th MXS

Hatfield, Jeffrey                               325th AMXS

Holmes, Jacoba                                325th LRS

Jenkins, Christopher                        325th FSS

Mouton, Christopher                      337th Air Control Squadron

Osinga, Justin                                    325th SFS

Paulding, Abrahm                            325th CS

Porter, Courtney                              325th OSS

Wade, Ian                                          325th CS

Winters, Dallas                                 325th OSS

Wrocklage, Jasmine                        325th OSS


Promoted to Technical Sergeant

Cintron Rodriguez, Javier              325th CS

Essue, Christopher                          372nd Training Squadron

Leroy, Ashley                                    325th OSS

Looney, Jeremy                                325th AMXS

Moody, Ryan                                    Air Force Civil Engineer Center

Sarandos, Christopher                    325th MXS

St. Romain, Scott                             325th AMXS

Timme, Brady                                   AFCEC

Vetter, Brittany                                Air Force Rescue Coordination Center

Wiemers, Corey                               325th OSS


Promoted to Master Sergeant

Bruhn, Alan Jr.                                  325th SFS

Eichenlaub, Richard Jr.                   325th MXS

Gadell, Tracey                                   325th OSS

Maldonado, Richard Jr.                  325th AMXS

Moore, Matthew                             372nd TRS

Stilton, Matthew                              372nd TRS

Thormann, John                               325th FSS


Promoted to Senior Master Sergeant

Bunt, Christopher                            43rd Fighter Squadron