The 325th Fighter Wing Public Affairs office is the focal point for information concerning Tyndall people and activities. Public Affairs is responsible for telling the Air Force story to various local, regional and national audiences.

The PA staff provides a variety of services to military members, their families and the local community, such as providing information on Tyndall AFB and 325th FW events and activities.

The PA office is separated into three divisions: command information, media operations, and community engagement.

While the 325th Fighter Wing Public Affairs provides support to more than 30 associate units, three tenant units at Tyndall have their own PA support: Air Forces Northern, the Southeast Air Defense Sector, the Air Force Civil Engineer Support Squadron, the Air Force Research Laboratory and the 53rd Weapons Evaluation Group.


All work requests require completion of AF Form 833, Multimedia Work Order, submitted to:


Wing level officiated events and higher are supported. Customers should submit request at least 48 hours in advance.


To schedule an appointment for an Official Bio Photo or Passport (PCS and deployments only), call:

COMM: (850) 283-4500
DSN: 523-4500 

Customers must be in appropriate attire.


Alert photo services supporting security forces, Air Force Office of Special Investigations, civil engineer readiness, flying or ground safety offices, and other emergency response agencies. An alert photographer will only be called under the following circumstances: personal injury (i.e., child abuse), domestic assaults, and suicide attempts with injury, rape, and damage to Government/private property in excess of $10,000.


There are limits to the products and services Public Affairs can provide due to AFI 35-109, public law and local policy:

  • Souvenirs, personal gifts, mementos, scrapbooks, farewell gifts, office pictures and other items for personal use are unauthorized. PA resources are not authorized to document farewell parties or social events unless certified as newsworthy or have historical value.

  • PA resources are not authorized to create products used for entertainment during farewell parties or social events.

  • Copyrighted materials cannot be reproduced without permission of the copyright holder, unless cleared in writing as "fair use" by the legal office. 

  • PA imagery is not altered IAW DODI 5040.05, Alteration of Official DOD imagery unless exempted.

  • Use of PA for MWR programs and other activities that involve revenue generating activities is not authorized.

  • The installation PA office is not funded, equipped, or manned to replace services provided by the Document Automation Production Service (DAPS). According to DODI 5330.3, Document Automation and Production Service (DAPS), the Air Force must obtain automated printing services from DAPS. Reproduction is limited to 30 tabloid size (11 x 17) or smaller copies of products and no more than five copies of products larger than tabloid size.


How do I submit a story or story idea for the base newspaper or website?

Story submissions and/or story ideas should be sent to the Public Affairs Office at


Command Information is charged with providing news and information to base and wing leadership, military members and their families. 

Additionally, the Command Information division tells the Tyndall story through written stories and photos, provides photo support to Team Tyndall, and oversees Tyndall's social media pages and the Tyndall Base Guide App.


Community Engagement serves as the liaison office for Tyndall AFB and the Bay County community. The community relations program offers many services to keep lines of communication and support open with the surrounding communities.

Additionally, the Community Engagement division oversees base tours, aircraft noise complaints, and helps facilitate flyover and static requests.


Media Operations is responsible for providing news and information to local, regional and national media outlets about Tyndall AFB events and activities. The division fields all questions from the media and provides opportunities for interviews with wing leadership and experts on specific topics or programs.

Media Operations also provides training to commanders and base personnel on interacting with the media under a variety of circumstances. The division also provides base spokespeople to appear in local morning television talk shows to discuss events, activities and issues affecting Tyndall.

PA specialists are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and may be reached at (850) 283-4500 during normal duty hours from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday. If you are calling after normal duty hours, contact the on-call PA person through the command post by calling the base operator at (850) 283-1110.

All media are required to contact public affairs prior to entry on Tyndall Air Force Base and must be escorted by a public affairs representative at all times.



If your group or squadron would like to create a social media page or group, complete the social media presence request form here and send it to the Public Affairs Office at


  • Your unit commander is responsible for all content on your unit’s social media page(s).

  • Official government use of private or closed social media groups on third party platform (e.g. Facebook) is NOT authorized. 

  • This request form is based on AFI 35-107 “Public Web & Social Communication AFIs” published March 15, 2017. If 325 FW/PA views your unit as having enough content to warrant a separate social media presence, we will ensure your unit has the training and assistance needed to establish an effective social media program, with the right platforms, based on a communication plan. 

  • If your social media page and/or group is approved, you must:
    -  Register your unit’s social media accounts in the U.S. Digital Registry at and with the Air Force Social Media Directory at
    -  Review your social media page and/or group daily to ensure no OPSEC or INFOSEC violations have occurred.


Tyndall AFB Public Affairs

325th FW Headquarters
COMM: (850) 283-4500
DSN: 523-4500

Tyndall AFB Public Affairs 
Photo Lab
325th FW Headquarters
COMM: (850) 283-4500
DSN: 523-4500


The best place to download hi-res photos and videos from Tyndall AFB is the 325th Fighter Wing Public Affairs page on DVIDS (Defense Visual Information Distribution Service). The 325 FW/PA's page can be found at

You need to create an account to download photos and videos, but anyone can do it and it only takes a few minutes. Once you have created an account, you can download any photos and videos you would like!


Tours of Tyndall AFB are limited and reserved for recruitable ages, i.e., ROTCs, JROTCs, and high school groups.

The best opportunity for the public to tour Tyndall AFB is during the biennial Gulf Coast Salute Air Show and Open House on March 30-31, 2019.


If you would like to report a low flying aircraft, call the Public Affairs Office at (850) 283-4500. Make sure to provide the date and time the incident occurred.


Requests for U.S. Air Force aircraft to participate in airshows or as static displays is managed by the Department of the Air Force. Organizations wishing to feature a Tyndall aircraft at their event should submit a request at


Waterways surrounding Tyndall AFB may be temporarily closed during subscale drone launches. The 82nd Aerial Targets Squadron (53rd Weapons Evaluation Group) maintains a recorded message to inform boaters of closures. The recorded message can be reached by calling (850) 283-4766.