Economic Impact Analysis (EIA)

Fiscal Year 2022 saw substantial growth here at Tyndall as we prepared to shift mission sets from an F-22 training base to a combat-ready F-35 base. This year, much of that growth will culminate with the arrival of our first F-35A Lightning II in August 2023. Our focus remains on ensuring we have the right people, equipment, and infrastructure needed to support this new mission, while continuing to train the best F-22 pilots in the world until the F-22 Formal Training Unit transitions to Joint Base Langley-Eustis. Both are critical jobs, and I am confident in the professionalism, character, and competence of our Checkertail Airmen to get them done.

Looking ahead, Tyndall will continue to grow as the rebuild into the Installation of the Future hits full speed. Construction efforts continue to ramp up, with an expected peak in 2024, and we will soon see the first of our new construction completed and ready for use. Each project reflects an effort to bring the future faster, keep the members of Team Tyndall and the community safe, and support our nation’s most advanced power projection platforms. Accomplishing this mission requires a total team effort consisting of active duty, reserve, guard, civilians, their families, and the community working together.

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Fiscal Year 2022 Graphic