325th Fighter Wing

325th Fighter WingThe 325th Fighter Wing's primary mission is to train and project unrivaled combat air power for F-22 Raptor pilots and maintenance personnel to support the combat Air Forces. Training for F-22 pilots is performed in the 43rd Fighter Squadron. Additionally, wing personnel manage the southeastern air combat maneuvering instrumentation range and provide mission-ready F-22 air dominance forces in support of the Commander, North American Aerospace Defense Command/First Air Force contingency plans.

Other specialties trained under the 325th Fighter Wing include F-22 intelligence officer training, F-22 crew chief training and officer and enlisted air traffic controller training.

The 325th Fighter Wing is host to more than 30 tenant organizations located at Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla. The wing is comprised of the 325th Operations Group, 325th Maintenance Group, 325th Mission Support Group and 325th Medical Group.

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325th Fighter Wing Staff Agencies

The wing provides command guidance and operational control of the 325th Operations Group, 325th Maintenance Group, 325th Medical Group and 325th Mission Support Group and is directly responsible for several functional areas.

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Inspector General
Public Affairs
Command Post
Staff Judge Advocate
325th Comptroller Squadron
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325th Operations Group
Mission 325th Operations Group

The 325th Operations Group is responsible for directing the flying and support operations for one F-22 Raptor fighter squadron, an operations support squadron and an air control squadron. 

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325th Operations Group

43rd Fighter Squadron
325th Operations Support Squadron
325th Training Support Squadron
95th Fighter Squadron
2nd Fighter Training Squadron
325th Maintenance Group
Mission325th Maintenance Group

The 325th Maintenance Group provides responsive, reliable and resourceful maintenance for the world's finest Air Dominance training wing. The 325th MXG is composed of two squadrons whose unique missions directly contribute to the overall mission accomplishment of the group.

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325th Maintenance Group 

325th Maintenance Squadron
325th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron

325th Medical Group

Mission25th Medical Group

The 325th Medical Group staff operates as an outpatient medical facility with family practice, pediatrics, dental, flight medicine and women's health clinics. The group also offers a clinical pharmacy, nutritional medicine programs, and essential base support services such as public health, bioenvironmental engineering and aerospace physiology.






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325th Medical Group

325th Aerospace Medicine Squadron
325th Medical Operations Squadron
325th Medical Support Squadron

Health Care Services
Notice of Privacy Practice
Tyndall AFB Formulary
Tyndall Drinking Water Consumer Confidence Reports

325th Mission Support Group

The primary mission of the 325th Mission Support Group is to provide dominant mission support and combat-ready Airmen to Team Tyndall and worldwide expeditionary forces. These support services and activities include providing civil engineering, security, communications, personnel, services, contracting, supply, and transportation support for 21,000 active duty, civilian, dependent, and retired personnel.

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325th Mission Support Group