retiree activities programRetiree Activities Office (RAO)

The following information is intended for use by all retired military personnel of the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and specifically, for those served by this RAO.

The RAO is an advisory function manned by volunteers and is a focal point for providing information and guidance to military retirees of all services - approximately 25,000 in the Tyndall community area to include Tallahassee - their family members and/or survivors.

Tyndall's RAO office is currently INACTIVE. For assistance please visit

retiree news

All retirees who still have their SSAN on their ID Cards should come to Tyndall AFB  Customer Service at Bldg 662 to replace their ID with unique DOD numbers.

Volunteers needed for the Tyndall Retiree Activity Office (RAO) Bldg. 662 Base Support Center.  To keep our RAO open to help military retirees and family members with retiree benefits problems.