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  • 325th LRS Vehicle Management keeps the mission rolling

    The 325th Logistics Readiness Squadron vehicle management flight is responsible for comprehensive maintenance and inspections on hundreds of vehicles across the installation. Comprehensive maintenance and inspections are necessary to prevent mission stoppage and help reach the vehicle’s optimal

  • 325th LRS POL: The lifeblood of air dominance

    Directly supporting Tyndall’s F-35A Lightning II fleet and exercises such as Checkered Flag, one of the Department of Defense’s largest aerial combat exercises, the 325th Logistics Readiness Squadron’s petroleum, oils and lubricants flight provides vital support in maintaining unrivaled air

  • POL brings a new way to pay

    Tyndall’s petroleum, oils and lubricants flight is among the first of more than 600 Department of Defense facilities set to transition to a new Electronic Point of Sale Device (EPOSD) for fuels distribution.

  • Fueling freedom

    Every specialty in the Air Force has an important role in achieving air dominance and superiority. The 325th Logistics Readiness Squadron at Tyndall is no different, providing clean and efficient fuel for flying missions.

  • 325th Fuels Airmen earn Air Combat Command Drake Award

    The Airmen of the 325th Logistics Readiness Squadron Fuels Management Flight were recognized for their resourcefulness and hard work in winning an Air Combat Command award.The 325th LRS Fuels Management Flight won the Drake Award in recognition for being considered the best fuels flight in ACC with