Base Speaker Requests

The Air Force creates dialogue with local organizations and give them an insight into the Air Force's role, mission, overall capabilities and the Airmen who are part of your local community. 


  • Any organization, group or individual can request an Air Force speaker. This includes community groups, business organizations, industry associations, as well as schools of all levels.
  • We are restricted from participating in fundraising events and political activities.
  • Once we provide a speaker, all outstanding arrangements must be made between the organization and the guest speaker.
  • If the speaker must cancel, the organization is responsible for contacting Tyndall Public Affairs to re-submit a request.

Requesting a speaker for an event:

  • Public Affairs must receive a complete speaker request form at least two to four weeks prior to the requested event.
  • Speaker requests will not be approved/coordinated until a completed speaker request form is received. 
  • If Public Affairs hasn't confirmed receiving your request within a week of submission, please follow up by phone, (850) 283-3295, or by email,
  • Sending/receiving a request does not confirm a speaker to your event.


Static Aircraft Requests

Requests for aircraft static displays will only be considered for the following:

  • Air shows
  • Airport events
  • Expositions, fairs and public events which contribute to the public knowledge of Armed Forces equipment and capabilities, including recruiting and ROTC events.

Fill out a request at the U.S. Air Force Aerial Events website. Please be sure to follow all steps for the request. After US Air Force officials approve support for your event, you may contact our office at (850)-283-3295. Tyndall staff do not approve aircraft static display requests.  If you have questions about how to fill out the request, please contact our office.

Requests received less than 60 days before the event decreases the possibility of approval, due to inadequate time for coordination.

Please keep in mind, military missions and training take priority.

To check the status of an Air Force aircraft request go to U.S. Air Force Aerial Events website.

Flyover Requests

Requests for flyovers will only be considered for the following:

  • Aviation-oriented events, such as air shows, airport anniversaries or dedication events.

  • Patriotic observances, one day only, held in conjunction with Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, POW/MIA Recognition Day, or Veterans Day, event must be within seven days of the actual holiday date to be considered.

  • The Missing Man Formation is reserved only for funeral services in honor of active duty rated or designated aviators or dignitaries of the federal government or as determined by the military services.

  • Flyovers, are not to exceed four aircraft, and may be performed by operational or training aircraft as determined by the providing military service. Sponsors of events other than bona fide air shows are prohibited from scheduling more than one military service to conduct the flyover. Once a military organization confirms flyover support, the sponsor must notify all other military service requested, so they will not participate in the same event.

  • The Navy Blue Angels and Air Force Thunderbirds do not perform flyovers.

  • Requests for flyovers must be received for processing at least 90 days prior to the event for consideration.

If the request meets the guidelines, contact each service to request aircraft flyovers. 

For Air Force aircraft go to the USAF Aerial Events Support website.
At the top of the page click on "New Request" read through the guidelines and click "Create a New Request." Sections of DD FORM 2535 will begin to pop up.

Once the proper fields are filled out, a list of instructions will appear. Part of the instructions prompt you to send the form to your local FAA office. To locate their nearest FAA office click on this link: Flight Standards District Offices (FSDO).

The FAA should send the request back to DoD. If the FAA returns the form to the requestor, the requester should fax the form to (703) 693-9601.

To check the status of an Air Force aircraft request go to USAF Aerial Events Support website.