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The Command Cyber Readiness Inspection

The Command Cyber Readiness Inspection is a comprehensive network inspection from July 21 to July 25. The CCRI is aimed at improving security of the Department of Defense Information Network and is conducted by Defense Information Systems Agency. CCRIs check our day-to-day ops. Preparations should be verification of what we do every day. The end goal is to slam the door on our adversaries.

Actions to Improve Security

Listed below are actions Team Tyndall can do to improve the security of the network:

1) Ensure NIPR machines are RESTARTED, but not powered off, each and every day.

2) Ensure CAC & SIPR tokens are not left unattended in PCs.

3) In accordance with AFMAN 33-152, digitally sign the following:

Emails with embedded hyperlinks.
Emails with attachments.
Emails that commit to, authorize, or deny the use of funds.
Emails that stipulate an Air Force official position.
4) Do not write down passwords.
5) Read all Cyber Monday Pop-Ups and CCRI Tyndall All emails. These contain vital information to ensure that Tyndall's network remains protected at all times.
6) Ensure every computer workstation has a "Tyndall Network Users Quick Reference Card."
7) Carefully follow instructions of unit IAOs and USMs.
Please direct any questions or concerns to Wing IA at 283-4519.