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325th Mission Support Group




The primary mission of the 325th Mission Support Group is to provide excellent mission support to Team Tyndall through world-class customer service, protection, resources, and infrastructure. These support services and activities include providing civil engineering, security, communications, personnel, services, contracting, supply, and transportation support for 23,000 active duty, civilian, dependent, and retired personnel.


The 325th Mission Support Group traces its history to its original activation as the 325th Air Base Group on, Feb. 16, 1942, as part of Third Air Force. The group was located at MacDill Field, Fla. Over the years, the group has experienced many moves and changes. The first of many designations occurred on June 13, 1942.

As the 325th Services Group, it was tasked to deploy to Europe in support of the war effort in early August of 1942. Arriving at Chelveston, England, it provided base services and aircraft maintenance support of the 92nd, 301st, and 305th Bombardment Groups. With deployment, the group was reassigned to the Eighth Air Force Services Command. On Dec. 15, 1943, all personnel, in an effort to maintain aircraft, manned the 442nd Subdepot. Movement of troops and equipment was common during times of war and the group was no exception. By Dec. 20, 1943, the group found itself in Buttonwood, England, providing base services and performing assembly work for P-38 Lightnings.

In May 1944, it traveled to Langford Lodge, England, to use its P-38 aircraft maintenance expertise. Upon returning to Buttonwood in July 1945 and until its inactivation in November of the same year, the group performed aircraft salvage work. On Oct. 18, 1956, McChord AFB, Wash., became the home of the 325th Combat Support Group and was assigned to the 325th Fighter Wing (Air Defense). The group provided base services at McChord until another inactivation in 1968. Florida welcomed home the 325th Combat Support Group, this time as part of the Panama City community and Tyndall on July 1, 1981. Assigned to the USAF Air Defense Weapons Center, it performed all services necessary to support the primary mission of the base and its tenant agencies.

In 1991, during an Air Force-wide reorganization, the group changed its name to 325th Support Group. The September reorganization also inactivated the USAF Air Defense Weapons Center and redesigned the group under First Air Force and the 325th Fighter Wing. On July 1, 1993, the 325th Fighter Wing became part of Nineteenth Air Force under Air Education and Training Command.
Recently, during another Air Force-wide reorganization in 2003, the group became the 325th Mission Support Group comprised of five diverse and dynamic squadrons, and one division: Security Forces, Contracting, Civil Engineer, Communications, Force Support, and Logistics Readiness Division.
On Aug. 20, 2020, the 325th FW, along with the 325th MSG, became part of Fifteenth Air Force under Air Combat Command. 


Current as of: Oct. 20, 2021