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  • Tyndall Heritage

    In December 1940, a site board determined that Flexible Gunnery School No. 9 would be located 12 miles southeast of Panama City, Florida on East Peninsula. On May 6, 1941, Army and local dignitaries held an official ground breaking for the school. Panama City's mayor, Harry Fannin, dug the first spade full of sand, and Colonel Warren Maxwell,
  • Tyndall Dormitories

    Bachelor personnel in grades E-1 through E-4 (with less than three years of service), who are assigned to Tyndall are required to reside in unaccompanied housing. Report to dormitory manager's office Building 1052 with-in first day of arrival and at normal duty hours. Room assignments are made through the Centralized Dorm Management Office located
  • Tyndall Elementary Lead Information

    In coordination with the Tyndall Elementary School and the Bay County School Superintendent's office, notification letters were mailed to parents, faculty and staff announcing a soil cleanup project which began July 6.Tyndall Elementary Clean-UpTyndall Elementary Press Release General Information about: LEADInformation about Polycyclic Aromatic
  • Tyndall FOIA Reading Room

    Please be advised that the Air Force will not deliver unofficial mass mailings addressed to individuals at their duty addresses. A mass mailing is defined as 50 or more pieces of mail received on the same day from the same mailer.Air Force policy is to deny requests for lists of e-mail addresses (both personal and organizational) using FOIA