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Tyndall leadership requests Hurricane Irma preparation feedback


Tyndall leadership is looking for feedback from Team Tyndall members regarding Hurricane Irma preparations and base communication.

Before, during and after the storm, the Emergency Operations Center and Crisis Action Team worked closely with multiple base agencies to release updates and information in a timely and efficient manner. To improve this process, base leadership is looking to members of Team Tyndall and their families to provide feedback.

“Our people are our most valued resource and taking care of them is an absolute must,” said Col. Michael Hernandez, 325th Fighter Wing commander. “To adequately do that, I must know where we’re experiencing shortfalls in support. On the flip side of that, I would like to hear about the good things we did as well.”

Those providing feedback are encouraged to answer the following questions:

  • Was the information you received timely and accurate?

  • Did you feel effectively informed? If not what was missing?

  • Was the information about base facilities (Commissary, BX, Pharmacies) operating hours and projected closures given with enough time for you to prepare?

  • Were you sent notifications from Balfour Beatty about how to prepare your residents?

  • Did Balfour Beatty support and inform you about emergency operations and damage reporting?

“This hurricane could have been an extremely significant event for Tyndall, and even though the impact wasn’t too severe, we took steps to prepare for the worst,” Hernandez said. “Taking care of the equipment is essential, but taking care of our Airmen is, by far, more important. We want to make sure you felt prepared, and if you didn’t, we want to know how we can better prepare you.”

Please send us feedback by visiting www.tyndall.af.mil and using the commander’s action line on the right side of the page. You can also communicate with us by using the Tyndall Base Guide app, submitting your feedback via the Make Tyndall Better program.