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Tyndall running track closure

Courtesy Graphic

(Courtesy Graphic)


The Tyndall running track and field, located next to the Fitness Center, will be closed March 12 and remain closed until Aug. 20.

The running track will be resurfaced to fix damages. This upgrade will provide a better environment for physical assessments and athletic activities. 

“We want to ensure that we have a safe running surface for testing purposes,” said Richard Byers, 325th Force Support Squadron Fitness Center sports director. “With the new running surface being implemented, it will ensure that anyone running will not be injured due to holes or cracks.”

The field will also receive a new synthetic turf in-field playing surface.

“Along with the track being resurfaced, we are adding artificial turf to the all-purpose field to enhance our intramural sports program,” Byers added. “The new field will allow us to play soccer and flag football on the same field as well as not having to worry about the grass being worn out before each of those seasons. With the artificial turf, it will hopefully prevent injuries associated with grass fields.”

Turf shoes should be worn while participating on the new field to avoid injuries associated with turf fields.

“Cleats have the tendency to either get stuck on the turf or not have enough support, causing injuries,” Byers said. “Running shoes won’t give you the traction you would need to have when playing flag football or soccer.”

While the field and track are being reconstructed, contractors will be using half of the existing parking lot across the street from the running track.

This reserved area is required for equipment, material storage and contractor vehicle parking. The designated work area will be marked off with cones and fencing during construction.

All base personnel are advised to stay out of the designated contractor work zones until the project is completed.

For questions about alternate running routes or designated locations for fitness assessments, please call the Fitness Assessment Cell at (850) 283-2631.