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TOPA Flight provides medical assistance information


Flight Commander: 2nd Lt. Marcus Warmsley (Comm: 850-283-7069)

Flight Chief: Master Sgt. Suzanne Tenorio (Comm: 850-283-7931)


7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday

Bldg. 1465, the main medical building, second floor across from Dental

**please knock on the door and someone will check you in

Record Requests

· For a full or partial copy of medical records, visit Ms. Windy Bynum, or Ms. Rachel Brooks in TOPA or call 850-283-7549 to fill out a records request.

· Patients are allotted 1 copy per year without incurring a cost.

· If the patient is requesting the record because they are enrolling to a new provider, we recommend the new provider send us the record request.

· Please note it may take up to 30 days to process record requests. Our goal is 14 days

Benefits Counseling

Concerns or questions about TRICARE benefits or billing can be directed to Mr. Larry Cerbantec (Comm: 850-283-7157).

Patient Travel

Patient travel reimbursement questions for Tyndall patients who were issued referrals requiring transportation before hurricane Michael can be directed to SrA Carlee Sing (Comm: 850-283-7312).

· During the time of evacuation, patient travel benefits were covered by the evacuation entitlements.

· After the referral waiver ends, any patient who is issued a referral by Tyndall PCMs requiring travel benefits should see Senior Airman Sing.

· Information about the referral waiver can be found at tricare.mil/michael

Referral Management

· Questions about referrals can be directed to Mrs. Gwen Radford (Comm 850-283-7227).

· Referrals are not currently needed due to the TRICARE PCM waiver that is in place. When the waiver is cancelled, the MDG will start issuing referrals again.

Medical Evaluation Boards (MEB)

Questions about the Medical Evaluation Board process can be directed to either Mrs. Crystal Novak (Comm: 850-283-7657) or Mrs. Shea Thompkins (Comm: 283-7182).

PCS records

Since members PCS’d without out processing the base, their medical and dental records will be sent to their gaining base by TOPA representatives.