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Air Force Personnel Center adds SRP, CJR to virtual MPF

RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- The Air Force will add the Selective Reenlistment and Career Job Reservation programs to the virtual Military Personnel Flight, furthering Personnel Services Delivery Transformation.
Beginning Sept. 1, the automated SRP process will e-mail commanders a monthly roster notifying them of their Airmen projected for reenlistment. Commanders can choose whether or not to make Airmen ineligible for reenlistment based on quality force standards. Upon processing of the subsequent month roster, those Airmen who meet the requirements will automatically be made eligible for reenlistment.
Thirty days after the commander receives the SRP roster, provided Airmen remain eligible, the system will automatically request a CJR for Airmen in the first month of their CJR eligibility window (35th month for four-year enlistees, 59th month for six-year enlistees) in their control Air Force Specialty Code. Airmen eligible for a CJR who are in a constrained career field will be placed on the CJR waiting list. Those who are initially deemed ineligible for reenlistment will continue to be reviewed monthly to determine if they become eligible, at which time the system will request a CJR or place the member on the CJR waiting list.
"Making the CJR application process automatic relieves a good deal of stress for the member, supervisors and commanders," said Master Sgt. Travis Fritts, 325th Services Squadron first sergeant and 325th Fighter Wing career assistance advisor. "No longer will you have to worry if the paperwork 'went through' or if the member made the cut-off."
Airmen in a constrained AFSC who end up on the CJR waiting list will be able to track the status of their CJR request via a vMPF link. The link will also provide a CJR expiration date for Airmen who receive a CJR.
"The automation of the CJR process means Airmen will be reviewed as soon as they become eligible," said Capt. Jay Johnson, chief of the future operations integration branch at the Air Force Personnel Center here. "However, supervisors must still understand the program so they can convey to Airmen how the process works or where to go for additional assistance. As always, the professionals in the Air Force Contact Center will be standing by to assist if needed."
Airmen still have a large responsibility in the process.
"The automatic application doesn't relieve the member from following up to decide his or her best career option, said Sergeant Fritts. "That's an automatic application, not automatic approval; big difference."
"This move will greatly improve the process for the majority of CJR applications across the Air Force," said Tech. Sgt. Catrina Baskin, noncommissioned officer in charge of Air Force Reenlistments. "However, Airmen will still need to request a CJR through their base military personnel flight if they desire one in their secondary AFSC or for other special circumstances, such as exceptions to policy."
For more information on either program, contact the Air Force Contact Center at (800) 616-3775 (Option 1,1,2), (210) 565-5000, or DSN 665-5000.