Meet the 325th TRSS commander: Lt. Col. Matthew Zamiska

Lt. Col. Matthew Zamiska, 325th Training Support Squadron commander

Lt. Col. Matthew Zamiska, 325th Training Support Squadron commander

TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. -- During days of impressionable youth, people can find their inspiration for a career in many places, even on the silver screen.

This was the case for a young man who grew up to be the 325th Training Support Squadron commander.

"Growing up I wanted to be an astronaut," Zamiska said. "While watching a popular pilot movie that came out in 1986, my eyes opened to a different direction I could go. My sophomore year in high school I obtained my commercial pilot's license shortly after I received my driver's license."

After obtaining his commercial pilot's license, Zamiska made a decision that would alter his life.

"I tried to get into the Air Force academy," Zamiska said. "I was rejected my first time. After that I framed my rejection letter to serve as motivation for the next year."

That motivation served him well as he was accepted the following year, and he received his commission in 1997.

"After getting the commission, I went to Laughlin Air Force Base Del Rio, Texas for specialized undergraduate pilot training," Zamiska said.

His role as a commander is not his first time at Tyndall.

"I was at Tyndall as an F-15 student in the 95th Fighter Squadron from July to December 1999, then as an instructor pilot in the 2nd FS from Sep. 2005 to Feb. 2008," he said.

While continuing his career, Zamiska tries to balance time between work, his family and himself.

"At the end of the day, you get to go home, take off the uniform and spend time with your family. When the Air Force is done with me, I'm done, but I will always have my family," Zamiska said.

Two things he does to relax are running before work and enjoying quality time with his family in the evening. He also is a Chicago sports fan: Bulls, Bears, Black Hawks and White Sox, he added.

Adding to the things he does during down time, Zamiska is also a fan of different varieties of music.

"With music, I listen to whatever is on, but I really like Metallica. I had a chance to see them live in Denver in 1997 and in Las Vegas in 2004," Zamiska said.

As Zamiska is settling into his new position of squadron commander, he will continue to assist the mission as much as he can.

"The 325th TRSS will continue to do our best to support the training needs of the 43rd Fighter Squadron," Zamiska said. "Our next goal is to build our support for the 95th Fighter Squadron, making the virtual world through simulators as realistic as possible for deploying in harm's way. Air Force wide, we have some of the most experienced F-22 Raptor personnel in this building."

The 325th TRSS is a great organization. It is extremely important to the missions of the 43rd FS and 95th FS, Zamiska added.