National Headlines

Military One Source
(800) 342-9647

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
(800) 273-8255 (TALK)

National Suicide Hotline
(800) 784-2433 (800-SUICIDE)

National Sexual Assault Hotline
(800) 656-4673 (HOPE)

National Domestic Violence Hotline
(800) 799-7233 (SAFE)

Defense Centers of Excellence
(866) 966-1020 - 24/7 Outreach

Helping Agencies

Airman & Family Readiness
Location: Building 745
Phone: (850) 283-4204 (DSN) 523
Fax: 283-4997
Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Location: Chapel 2, Bldg 1470 (across from the Sand Dollar Inn)
Phone: (850) 283-2925 or DSN 523-2925
Fax: (850) 283-8557

Location: Spiritual Maintenance, Bldg 532 (beside Robin Hood's Deli)
Phone: (850) 283-2367 or DSN 523-2367
Fax: (850) 283-2355

Mental Health
Location: Building 1404
Phone: (850) 283-7511 (DSN) 523
Fax: 283-4997
Hours of Operation:
Monday 0730-1730
Tuesday 0730-1630
Wednesday 0730-1730
Thursday 0730-1630
Friday 0730-1630

Sexual Assault Prevention & Response
Tyndall Sexual Assault Prevention & Response Office.........850-283-8192
Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC) Hotline.........850-625-1231 (24/7)

Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention & Treatment
Location: Building 1404
Phone: (850) 283-7511 (DSN) 523
Fax: 283-4997
Hours of Operation:
Monday 0730-1730
Tuesday 0730-1630
Wednesday 0730-1730
Thursday 0730-1630
Friday 0730-1630

Family Advocacy
Location: Building 1404
Phone: (850) 283-7511 (DSN) 523
Fax: 283-7721
Hours of Operation:
Monday 0730-1730
Tuesday 0800-1630
Wednesday* 0730-1730
Thursday 0730-1630
Friday 0730-1630
* Closed at 1200 on the first Wednesday of each month.


Health and Wellness Center
Location: Building 1601 Health and Wellness Center (HAWC)
Phone: (850) 283-3826 (DSN) 523
Fax: 283-7035
Hours of Operation:
Monday 0730-1630
Tuesday 0730-1630
Wednesday 0730-1630
Thursday 0730-1630
Friday 0730-1630

Closed the first Wednesday of the month at 1200

Equal Opportunity
Civilian Complaints..............850-283-4319
Military Complaints..............850-283-2739

Medical Group
Patient Appointments:
DSN: 523-2778
Comm: (850) 283-2778

General Clinic Information:
DSN: 523-7491
Comm: (850) 283-7491

TRICARE Service Center:
1-(800) 444-5445

Other Resources:
Child Development Center
(850) 283-4747
Monday - Friday
6 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Fitness Center Hours & Phone
(850) 283-2631
Monday - Friday
5 a.m. - 11 p.m.
Saturday - Sunday
8 a.m. - 7 p.m.
10 a.m. - 6 p.m.

School Liaison Officer
(850) 283-4204
Monday - Thursday
7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
7:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.

(850) 283-4287
Monday - Wednesday
10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Thursday - Friday
10 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Four Pillars of CAF

Mental: Approaching life's challenges in a positive way by demonstrating self-control, stamina and good character with choices and actions; seeking help and offering help.

Physical: Performing and excelling in physical activities that require aerobic fitness, endurance, strength, flexibility and body composition derived through exercise, nutrition and training.

Social: Developing and maintaining trusted, valued friendships that are personally fulfilling and foster good communication, including exchange of ideas, views and experiences.

Spiritual: Strengthening a set of beliefs, principles or values that sustain an individual's sense of well-being and purpose.

Spiritual fitness is about having a sense of purpose and meaning in your life. It's essential to an individual's resiliency as esprit de corps is vital to a unit's mission accomplishment.

It includes but not limited to worldviews, religious faith, sense of purpose, sense of connectedness, values, ethics and morals.

Target Resiliency

Bounce Back is about resiliency. Targeted Resiliency is about YOU.

We realize that in today's Air Force we are doing more mission with less manpower and resources. It is important that we provide on target Mental Health services, giving the squadrons the exact support they need to ensure their personnel's well being, ensuring the success of the mission.

Our staff recognizes that building resiliency with our fellow airmen and their families takes a cross-functional multi-base agency team effort. We will meet this challenge with resiliency-based interventions tailored to meet both the individual and squadron's needs. We believe that resiliency is not a static target but a moving target, one that changes day to day.

Our staff will also offer personalized consultation based resiliency interventions that empower you as a consumer to be in charge of your own resiliency.

A variety of valuable and effective resources are offered on the Comprehensive Airman Fitness Program website.

Six Core Competencies

Airmen Resiliency training focuses on building six core competencies:

Emotional Awareness
Identify and manage ones emotions 

Control of ones self despite environment 

Normalizes experiences

Social Support
Provides emotional health and wellbeing

Gives perspective and meaning

Persistence in course and action

Comprehensive Airman Fitness

Tyndall has created a people first, mission always avenue to help educate Team Tyndall members about resiliency. In a time period when suicide rates are rising, it has never been more vital to take care of one another. Not only is it important that we utilize the wingman concept, but also have a full understanding of what resiliency means. As members of the Armed Forces, there will be times when we will be faced with adversities. These hardships are not limited to being away from family, a death of a loved one, to daily stressors on the job, or relationship troubles. Regardless of the issue, it is important we know how to manage it. As wingmen, we are all part of the Air Force family. It is crucial that we pay attention to each other's emotional status, know we can depend on each other, and if need be, take care of one another. The Sources of Airman Resiliency page was designed to help educate all of Team Tyndall about resiliency. Control your problems, don't let them control you. The page provides you with tools that will help you embrace and overcome life's challenges and provide you with the capabilities to bounce back from adversity. Building resiliency is a lifestyle change, and it starts with you.

Col. Michael Hernandez
325th Fighter Wing commander