Tyndall Airmen Invest in Education


Investing in education is an important building block for an Airman’s personal development. Earning college credits enables Airmen to advance in their military careers and creates a more educated force; one that is prepared to accomplish the mission in an effective manner.

The Tyndall Force Development Center hosted an inaugural “Spring into Education” testing event March 31.

This was a significant event because it was the first time Tyndall offered an all-day testing event for the following exams: the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES). These tests offer students the ability to earn college credits faster by exempting students from college classes by passing an exam that covers the overall course material.

“Our hope was to give Airmen the opportunity to test out of as many classes as possible,” said Hannah Kaplan, 325th Force Support Squadron Force Development Center chief of education and training. “Unfortunately, we have a limited testing schedule for CLEP and DANTES examinations. Normally, the maximum tests a student can take during the week is only two exams.”

An associate’s degree for the Community College of the Air Force requires 64 credit hours, 30 of which can be earned by taking CLEP or DANTES exams, Kaplan said.

Proctors and other local college employees from the Gulf Coast State College, Troy University and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University collaborated with Kaplan to make sure this event came to fruition.

“This event was a huge success for Tyndall,” Kaplan said.

Airmen from 10 different units participated in “Spring into Education.” Tyndall Airmen passed 67 tests, earning them a total of 201 credit hours and saving the Air Force over $50K in tuition assistance funds.

The 325th Maintenance Group, 325th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron led the way by earning the highest number of passing exam scores. In total, the 325th AMXS Squadron passed 24 CLEP/DANTES tests, awarding these Airmen 72 credit hours.

Following the 325th AMXS Squadron is the 325th Maintenance Group, 325th Maintenance Squadron. Airmen from this unit passed 17 exams, earning a total of 51 credit hours.

“This was the first time Tyndall hosted an all-day testing event,” Kaplan said. “Since it was such a huge success, it will definitely not be the last.”

For more information about educational opportunities offered on base contact the Tyndall Force Development Center at 850-283-4285.