Meet the Commander: Maj. Adrienne Stahl


With the heavy burden of their responsibilities, U.S. Air Force squadron commanders may not have the opportunity to formally or informally meet all under their command. A commander from the 325th Maintenance Squadron saw that as an unacceptable standard.

U.S. Air Force Maj. Adrienne Stahl, 325th Maintenance Squadron commander, put decorations and rank aside to allow Airmen a glimpse into the person she is.

“I grew up as an Army brat, and spent more time in Kansas than any other place during my childhood; however, I went to high school in St. Peters, Missouri, which is what I claim as home,” Stahl said.


Although maintenance is now Stahl’s primary professional focus, it was not always the case. A firsthand look at her childhood dream job sent her in another direction.


“I wanted to be a veterinarian. My dreams were dashed on day one, during hour one of volunteering at a vet clinic. When I got to witness surgery on a poodle, I ralphed all over the clinic floor,” Stahl explained.


“Turns out the whole gig involved more than just playing with animals, so I decided it wasn't the job for me,” she mused.


After some further deliberation, Stahl decided to continue her family’s tradition of military service.


“Both of my grandfathers were in the U.S. Navy in World War II,” she said. “My father retired from U.S. Army, and my older brother joined the U.S. Air Force three years before I did. They all instilled a feeling of wanting to serve my country and be a part of something bigger and more important than myself.”


The working single mother decompresses from her professional life with the help of her child and furry friend.


“I am not married, but I am the mother of a bright, rambunctious toddler named Delaney Jane who is the best thing that's ever happened to me. We also have a cat named LucyCat,” she said.


Although Stahl made some modifications to her entertainment choices post child, she still lives a life full of excitement – albeit G-rated.


“In my pre-toddler days I loved running, snowboarding, playing guitar, reading and traveling,” she explained. “These days I enjoy going to bed early, dancing to the Kidz Bop station on Pandora, negotiating over mealtime and bedtime, watching Finding Dory, and talking about the potty. I try to throw D in a backpack to hit the beach on the weekends, and love hanging with my nieces and nephews. I've been told someday I'll get to do adult activities again but I am good with this for now.”

Within her professional capacity, Stahl touted an experience of advancing an Airman’s career as her most rewarding event.


“One of my proudest professional moments was personally writing a STEP package for one of my guys and watching the look on his face when the [fighter wing commander] promoted him on the spot,” she said.


Keeping in the vein of selflessness, Stahl closed with her personal advice to the Airmen under her command.


“Remember everyone around has something going on in their lives, so treat each other well and take care of each other. Our culture is what we make it – every single individual has ownership in that. Make yours the best unit and culture you've ever been a part of,” Stahl said.