Comm teamwork is ticket to success


Another busy day is underway with no end in sight. In a small shop, a group of six Airmen start their day knowing that enough work for 15 technicians will fall on their shoulders alone.

The 325th Communications Squadron client systems work center is the core of all of the base’s communications. When computers and phones need to be fixed, this shop is responsible for getting the job done.

“Basically, they are the repairmen,” said Master Sgt. Aminah Meho, 325th CS client systems and knowledge operations section chief. “Anything that has to do with computer software management, troubleshooting, Voice over Internet Protocol or telephone issues, those are the guys who fix it. I dare say, that without them, Tyndall couldn’t function properly.”

The critical job performed by these technicians keeps the base’s ability to communicate intact, and they are performing this duty with a nearly a third of their needed manning.

“Currently, we have a lot of people deployed,” said Staff Sgt. Ryan Sarsfield, 325th CS client systems supervisor. “It has made the work more intense, but it’s a job that has to get done.”

With so few people in the shop, they work extended hours and spend more time on call. Situations like these can throw shops into chaos, but the Airmen have pushed forward and persevered despite the challenges.

“They have shown maturity beyond their years,” Meho said. “Everyone in that shop is under 27 years old.”

The shop currently has four staff sergeants and two Airmen. With both of the Airmen being new to the career field, the brunt of the work falls on the fresh NCOs.

“The support for the whole base basically falls on the shoulders of four staff sergeants,” said Meho.  “I think that is what makes it so unique and incredible. We are asking these guys to function as technical sergeants, and they are young NCOs. And they are doing it.”

The shop’s teamwork and loyalty to each other is the backbone of how they function, Meho said.

“We have a great group of guys here,” Sarsfield said. “I am lucky to have a team that is ready to step up to the plate and handle any task thrown our way.”