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702 Computer Systems Sqdn. & Sys. Support Facility

702 CSS

702 CSS

The System Support Facility is an integral part of the Atmospheric Control and Early Warning System established to provide surveillance and ensure air sovereignty of the United States and Canada. The SSF supports the Battle Control System-Fixed program, which is the command and control system for air defense of the continental United States, Canada, Hawaii and Alaska. Through software and hardware testing the 702nd Computer Systems Squadron and SSF provide critical support to those watching and patrolling the skies, and to disaster response within CONUS. The BCS-F system is used for detecting, identifying, and intercepting unknown aircraft penetrating the areas listed above, and for directing and controlling any tactical action required. The accuracy and dependability of the systems that enable these missions rely heavily on the hardware and software systems tested and supported by the SSF at Tyndall.

The System Support Facility is manned by the 702 CSS and the Canadian Forces Detachment. Operationally, the SSF is under the control of Air Combat Command. Administratively, the 702 CSS reports to First Air Force. The Canadian Forces Component reports to the Canadian NORAD OUTCAN Staff in Colorado Springs, Colo. 

The 702 CSS was formed Dec. 1, 1980, with the mission to train, equip and provide personnel to support hardware and software for the NORAD Joint Surveillance System. As the U.S. Air Force element of the bi-national NORAD System Support Facility, the men and women of the 702 CSS work hand-in-hand with their Canadian Forces Detachment counterparts to provide the NORAD operational community with the most up-to-date and reliable hardware and software possible. NSSF transitioned to the SSF in 2006 as the primary facility for Developmental Testing, Operational Testing, Air Force System Interoperability Testing and Joint Interoperability Testing for current and emerging Theater Air Control Systems.

The Canadian Forces Component was formed in August 1981. The detachment is comprised of officers and noncommissioned members of the Canadian Forces permanently assigned to Tyndall. The majority of personnel work with members of the 702 CSS in the System Support Facility testing and supporting hardware and software used to accomplish NORAD's aerospace defense mission.