The Honor Guard Charge

Handpicked to serve as a member of the Tyndall Honor Guard, my standards of conduct and level of professionalism must be above reproach, for I represent all others in my service.

Others earned the right for me to wear the ceremonial uniform, one that is honored in rich tradition and history. I will honor their memory by wearing it properly and proudly.

Never will I allow my performance to be dictated by the type of ceremony, severity of the temperature, or size of the crowd. I will remain superbly conditioned to perfect all movements throughout every drill and ceremony.

Obligated by my oath I am constantly driven to excell by a deep devotion to duty and a strong sense of dedication. 

Representing every member, past and present, of the United States Air Force, I vow to stand sharp, crisp and motionless, for I am a ceremonial guardsman.

How to Join

Tyndall's Elite Honor Guard is looking for individuals with high military bearing and a professional image to represent the 325th Fighter Wing in this Air Force and congressionally mandated prestigious program. The Base Honor Guard program was established to promote and preserve military tradition and history. It is the link between the past, present and future for military and community members.

Benefits of membership include:
*Leadership opportunities
*Community service
*Military training
*Travel opportunities
*Base wide recognition

If you want to become a Ceremonial Guardsman, or would like more information call 283-4405 or visit the Honor Guard facility at Bldg. 1015.

Tyndall Honor Guard

Base Honor Guard. To Honor with Dignity

The primary mission of the Tyndall Air Force Base Honor Guard is to provide ceremonial funeral honors for all active duty members, veterans and retirees of the Air Force and Army Air Corps. The Honor Guard area of responsibility for funeral requests includes Alabama, Georgia, and Florida counties, all of which comprise a tri-sate area of 11,000 square miles. In addition, the Honor Guard supports a wide variety of base and community functions including, but not limited to, change of commands, retirement ceremonies, and community parades.

Point of Contact

Please use the following contact information for any Honor Guard request:

Tyndall Base Honor Guard Superintendent
Comm: (850) 283-4405 / 9516
DSN: 523-4405 / 9516
FAX: (850)283-4419
DSN: 523-4419
Cell: (850) 774-3858