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Hurricane Irma: Base Housing Feedback


Several base housing residents have voiced concerns that certain safety precautions were not taken to their satisfaction during Hurricane Irma. Some of the concerns involved a decision by Balfour Beatty Communities to not install storm shutters and to not authorize residents to personally install storm shutters.

While residents’ legal relationship with BBC is that of a landlord/tenant, commanders and supervisors can and do advocate on residents’ behalf. We’re currently working with the Air Force Civil Engineer Center and BBC to ensure the plan for dealing with extreme weather events in the future is clearly communicated and understood by all.

With that said, you as the tenant have the opportunity to let your voice be heard. Currently, BBC is conducting resident surveys. If you are pleased or displeased with the service you are receiving, let your landlord know. We, your military leadership, will continue to work with Balfour Beatty to provide top quality service. You, the resident, must take an active role in this process. Take the time to provide honest feedback, through the resident survey and customer satisfaction comment forms.

This feedback is very important to Balfour Beatty and the Air Force. It can have a real impact in improving future housing efforts here on Tyndall AFB.