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ACMI becomes TELMOC; incorporates wide range of training

  • Published
  • By Sarah English
  • 325th Training Support Squadron

The Tyndall Enterprise Live Mission Operation Center, previously called the Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation, was renamed during the facility’s 40th anniversary celebration ceremony at Tyndall, Jan. 23.

U.S. Rep. Neal Dunn, M.D., who represents Florida’s 2nd Congressional District, was in attendance at the event.


“It was an honor to spend the day at Tyndall Air Force Base and help rename the facility that houses the TELMOC. The professionalism and dedication of our men and women to the mission of directing Air Combat Maneuvering Operations over the Gulf Test Range was the real focus of the day,” said Dunn.


The name change came after 40 years of ever-evolving technology advances in equipment, capability and requisite responsibilities. Calling the collective operation TELMOC is meant to capture the essence of the myriad operations in support of the Gulf Test and Training Range and its associated infrastructure.   


“In 1977 we could track only eight aircraft, now we can track nearly 100 during a mission. Affording more than 10 times the number of aircrew receiving valuable training,” said Brad Young, 325th Training Support Squadron F-22 Modernization and Training Integration Chief of Weapons. “With ACC’s initiative to regionalize our CONUS ranges, the TELMOC facility will gain increased responsibility of managing additional airspace infrastructure.”


With this added responsibility, TELMOC will gain more equipment, advanced technology and practices to upgrade training experience and gain an improved effectiveness. The GTTR will receive multiple emitters, an electronic warfare IT server, and a persistent “White Force” coordination/execution shop located in what Air Combat Command master plan has called the Live Mission Operations Center.


The GTTR’s LMOC will be located in the current TELMOC building and will ultimately blend simulator missions into live-fly scenarios in an evolving concept known as Live Virtual Constructive missions.


“In the 325th Training Support Squadron, it is our calling, our very purpose for being and always ‘Training for War,’ in whatever environment our country may need,” said Lt. Col. Brian Stahl, 325th TRSS commander. “A great deal of that training comes from realistic, relevant and properly resourced ranges across the country, not the least of which lives just to the South of us in the Gulf. Renaming this building signifies a purposeful shift in our focus, looking well into the future and ensuring the next generations of our sons and daughters. Our warriors who visit Florida’s Emerald Coast receive the type of high-end training they need to guarantee America’s Air Dominance now and for the future.”