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Tyndall Commissary construction update


The Tyndall Commissary’s two-year construction project is slated to conclude May 2018.

The Commissary Architectural and Refrigeration Upgrade occurring since Aug. 22, 2016, will be finalized after the new shelving reset scheduled during May 20-22, 2018.   

The commissary will also be alternating their hours of operation prior to the completion.

“The commissary is scheduled to close one hour early May 20, and will be closed May 22 to continue the shelving reset. We will reopen for normal business on Wednesday, May 23,” said Diolita P. Abel, Tyndall Commissary director.

In addition to the store front renovation and parking lot repaving, the interior of the building also received a facelift.

“During the sustainment project, the store layout changed to accommodate a better shopping flow for the customers,” Abel said. “Having the sushi, bakery and deli in one department provides a better service for our military community during lunch rush hours.  Also, April 12, the deli began utilizing the new rotisserie oven with a small batch of chicken wings and roasted whole chicken.”

“We truly appreciate the support and understanding the commissary received from our military patrons during the renovation process,” she concluded.

For more information about the Tyndall Commissary call 850-283-4825.