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Official update from the 325th Fighter Wing

  • Published
  • 325th Fighter Wing Public Affairs
Tyndall Air Force Base took a direct hit from Hurricane Michael. The base has sustained extensive damage. The Ride Out Element will conduct initial damage assessments when it is safe to do so.

Michael was a Category 4 catastrophic hurricane when it made landfall, with winds in excess of 150 mph. There have been no injuries reported on Tyndall at this time. 

Teams will work diligently to recover base in the coming weeks. The storm brought down trees and power lines. It removed roofs from buildings and caused significant structural damage.

The conditions of the runway are unknown at this time.

The base commander ordered a mandatory evacuation of base personnel Monday, Oct. 8. This evacuation order remains in effect until further notice. Evacuated personnel should make plans for an extended time away from the base. Base officials do not have an estimate at this time for when it will be safe to return.