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Medical services return to Tyndall


With the progression of the base’s recovery efforts, the 325th Medical Group is ramping up its health care services for Tyndall Airmen.

Hurricane Michael, a category 4 hurricane that swept across the Tyndall landscape Oct. 10, 2018, may have delayed the medical group facility’s $54 million renovation project, but it did not alter the original intent of the renovation’s outcome -- to create an updated clinic layout, enhancing accessibility to health care services and improving patient flow.

During this time of peak construction, repairing the damages caused by the storm as well as the continuation of the facility’s modernization endeavor, the 325th MDG has returned a multitude of services to better serve its patients.

“Reopening our Medical Laboratory is a big step in the right direction for our return to normalcy,” said Lt. Col. Jennifer Idell, 325th MDG administrator. “Not only is it faster for our patients to have their medical lab screenings done on base, returning them to their work sections with minimal interruption, it is also essential to keeping Team Tyndall's personal mobility requirements current.  We are also excited to extend lab services to our active duty family members, retirees and retiree family members, just as we were before Hurricane Michael.”

“We have no appointments, walk-in only, but if anyone has any questions concerning the lab please feel free to call us at 850-283-7554,” added Staff Sgt. Jadow Hughes, 325th Medical Operations Support Squadron laboratory technician.

For anyone seeking lab services, it is located on the Medical Group Campus in temporary facility 1465A.

The clinic will be open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Another feat for the 325th MDG is the implementation of mammography services into its radiology department.

“We have opened up mammography services in our radiology department with appointments starting February 25,” Idell said. “This is timely as February is National Cancer Prevention Month and timely detection of cancer through mammography is key to successful treatment.”

The 325th MDG offers an array of medical services for Tyndall Airmen.

Clinics available by walk-in for active-duty members include acute care, mental health and emergency dental care.

Clinics available by appointments for active-duty members include primary care, flight medicine, women’s health, optometry, mental health and dental care.

“For all beneficiaries, to include active duty family members, retirees and retiree family members, our pharmacy, lab and radiology departments are available with walk-in service as well as appointments in ultrasound and mammography,” Idell noted.

As the construction of the medical facility progresses, clinics will transition into their new permanent locations. Updates for medical facility will be announced as information becomes available.

“We have multiple construction efforts underway at the medical group,” Idell stated. “New roofing is being installed in some of the main building, with portions expected to be complete this summer.  Additionally, our renovation was delayed by Hurricane Michael, but we were able to open a newly refurbished pharmacy in December and expect an updated schedule soon detailing when we can expect to bring our mental health clinic, lab, optometry and several other administrative departments into our main clinic space.”